Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Magical Places, Vintage Spaces

Somewhere over the years, I've developed a love for all things vintage. Well, specifically things from the 30s, 40s, and 50s. My dream car is a '57 Corvette or anything with those delicious curves. I'm listening to Frank Sinatra croon "My Funny Valentine" at the moment. I tend to dream of living in Mayberry. So I went there.
Sort of.

I dropped by a sweet little drugstore in Corinth, MS enroute to get our new puppy. Borroum's has been in operation since 1865, and the current owners are the great-great-somethings of the original owners. The icecream from the soda fountain was as delish as it looks!!!

Monday, March 21, 2011

The Woman Who Killed My Blog

My dear friend, Sylvia, asked me the other day, "What's up with your blog?!" Obviously, not much. And no, she's not 'the woman' to which the title refers- haha. That would be ME. Well, not me as I like to perceive myself. But that perfectionistic side of me that says, "You'll never catch up" or "You don't have anything life-changing or stunning to say" or "ad infinitum."

Truth be told, I haven't blogged since November for two reasons: 1) because I haven't had anything to say and 2) because I've had too much to say. We've been to so many funerals in the last six months that my heart felt numb. Let's leave it at the fact that they were from the age of 7 minutes to age 22. All very traumatic. Our exceptionally wonderful best friends, Brian and Paula Miller, announced their impending move to Colorado. We finally made the decision to change to a local church, (with which we are truly thrilled, I must say): The Pleasant Grove Pilgrim Nazarene Church. Driving 45 minutes to church leaves one alternately exhausted and on the fringe. Such a mix of happy things and sad things these days. Oh, a new puppy named Mitzi and a change of homeschool curriculum for Kathryn were also thrown into the mix. There is NO WAY I will ever catch up. So! I've tied the perfectionistic me up in a corner this morning, and here I am. Here is one of my favorite pictures from the last few months: