Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Kathryn's Dress #2 from Mom Brown! 

Here you go, Mom!  It fit her perfectly, and she loved the twirly-circle skirt effect!

Tuesday, August 06, 2013

Summer's Almost Over?

How can that be?  This summer is flying by!  When the public schools start back up here in a couple of weeks, we will celebrate by going to the deserted lakes and parks and such for a couple of weeks.  The beauty of homeschooling and picking one's own schedule!!!

Here are a few pics of what we've been up to this summer.  (We did go to church camp at the beginning of the summer, but my camera didn't make it.)  But here's a few of Alex's b-day at Mom and Dad Brown's, the kids playing "fairy," and Kathryn modeling a new dress made by her Grammy.

Alex celebrates the end of K5!

Nathaniel, Chelsea and me at the celebration on the arrival of his adopted son, Brayden!

Brayden was tired of having his beautiful smile photographed.  My kids think it's really cool and exotic to have a cousin of a different race.  As Kathryn tried to explain it to Alex, "He has dark skin, but he's white on the inside like us."  I had to tweak that explanation a bit, but she's in love with this little doll who shares her birthday.

Mitzi does her best to sneak onto Dad's side of bed while he's at work to mourn his absence and sleep.

Funny how Kathryn always wins at chess! :o)

Gandalf's "fireworks" being blown out.  Happy 6th birthday to my big little man.

Isn't this AMAZING!?!  Bag End a la Marianne Brown.

Complete with cauliflower and pumpkin patch.

Yes, there is a lot of testosterone in this bunch.  Kathryn is alone, but quite happy to hang out with these crazies.

A slightly more normal look ;o)

When Kathryn was little, I often played the Book Fairy.  I got tired of a gazillion books in the floor of her room so I established a "secret library" and the "book fairy" system.  I would tell her the book fairy was coming so she would close her eyes.  Then I would sneak out the ten or so books she had and replace them with 'fresh' ones.  When she opened her eyes, the magic would be complete.  Here the kids are playing fairies with their magic 'wands.'  They were trying to sneak around and do things unnoticed.  Since Tinker Bell is the only fairy they know of, Kathryn said Alex transformed himself into a cat and Tinker Bell into a mouse.  He ate her.  Said her hair tasted nasty.  All this because she doesn't wear enough clothes.  Immodest ladies, watch out.  This child will not just avert his eyes... he will devour you.

Wings... b/c fairies must have them.

Mitzi became an unwilling fairy, but she did wear her wings a good while. 

Pardon the cheesy smile ;o), but she was delighted with her package from Grammy.  They had gone fabric shopping together, and Grammy's making her some outfits from her chosen fabrics.  She is so excited about these.  I am so excited to not have to sort through the 'prostitot' clothing in the 8 and up section of the store.  Ugly, ugly clothes in there.  I want my little girl to look like a little girl.  Imagine that...