Sunday, February 25, 2018

Cheerful Roadsides and I'm Halfway to Somewhere ~Daybook for February 25, 2018

Looking out my window... it's a beautifully quiet Sunday morning. The rain is coming down steadily, forcing some of the early spring blooms off their branches prematurely and saturating the roots of other trees that are just pretending to be asleep. My favorite spring sights are not outside my own window (I need to do something about that), but I am loving the forsythia, the Bradford pears, the redbud trees, the daffodils. I especially love the daffodils that have snuck away from their original homes and cluster randomly on the roadsides. Evidently, such cheerfulness could not be contained. As fascinating are the flowers that still pop up in places where the ramshackle homesteads have been swallowed by time. The house may be completely gone from the eye of passers-by. Perhaps even a careful search will only reveal a few old bricks where a fireplace used to be. But there, all around, are the great-great-great-great-great "grand-children" of the original plants, put out by a long-forgotten housewife who wanted a "spot of color." 

I am thinking... "You're halfway to retirement," Nathan said. It was one of my why-am-I-homeschooling-anyway moments. We're into our eighth year, and just typing that, it sounds ridiculous. With just two kids two years apart, I only have fifteen years of commitment to this job. I have a few friends with many, many more years due to more kids and more gaps. Blessings on your heads!!!!!!!!
"What are you going to do, Mom, when we're in college and grown up?" asked the kids. Good grief. Why is everyone trying to imply that I'm on the verge of empty nest? I'm actually not. I have some 7.5 years to go. "Are you going to fall apart, Mom? Are you never going to want to cook again? Are you going to give up and just eat junk food? Are you going to be depressed?" Seriously. These are the questions I get asked. 
What will my life look like in 7.5 years? Truthfully, I neither know nor am trying to picture that. If 7.5 years ago I would have caught a vision of myself now, I wouldn't have recognized that person, nor could I have imagined the many, many tiny acts of Providence that would place me here, doing this, doing now. It seems a waste of time to do anything more than short-term planning for a long-term obedience. That. That is my plan, kids. To keep obeying God. To keep loving people. To keep letting Him shape me. 
I am halfway to somewhere though. That somewhere, if God grants me the years, is age 72. My mother-in-law told me (before I even turned 20), "There is a prepared place for a prepared person." I thought that just applied to college degrees and such, but it is much more than that. To be useful in the kingdom, to be a kind and wise old person (my goal!), also requires preparation. (I wrote this section a few months ago, if it feels totally disjointed ;o)

I am thankful... for good health. We had a little scare recently, causing us to have to wait a few months for results. This waiting, it clarifies things. It shows how fragile we are. It causes us to reevaluate what is true, good and lovely. Results turned out fine. Thankful.

One of my favorite a flowering weed. What are they really but flowers that grow where we don't want them? They are also the most beautiful things brought in childish hands, and the only reason I own a 'bud vase.'

I am creating... a list of parenting tips for littles based off recent conversations with young moms. Thank God I'm past that stage, but somehow, young moms think I'm one of those 'older' moms with a brain to pick for ideas. I know that's biblical, etc. to encourage young mothers/wives, but when did I start this transition? I suppose everyone is older than someone. Moms of teens, get on FB and share your gems with me, please.

I am reading... novels to teach in class. Recently, I got to return to an all-time favorite, The Door in the Wall by Marguerite de Angeli. It is the story of how a physically handicapped child prays/wishes for wholeness, only to find wholeness of spirit matters more. He ends the book leaning on a crutch, but standing oh-so-tall. Love, love, love! Also I have just finished my first time through Pride and Prejudice. I truly hated the first half of it, because it was so inane and fluffy. Blech. Others encouraged me to continue, so I did. I was pleasantly surprised by the second half. Was it worth the torture of the first half? I am undecided.

I am hoping... many will benefit from Nathan's latest lesson, "Biblical Faith."  It may be the most life-altering lesson he's written. He taught the first half on 2/11 (the theology side) and will be teaching the second half on 2/25 (tonight- the practical side). It will be live at 6:00 p.m. at and archived there for later viewings.

I am learning... Colossians. Bit by tedious, slow bit, I am memorizing this amazing little book. It is rich. I am getting wealthy by my time in it. God bless the creators of

In the kitchen... a dog is sleeping. That is truly all that is happening at the moment. The sink is relatively empty of dirty dishes. Yay for me.

Sunday Morning Reflection:
"Sunday is the golden clasp that binds together the volume of the week." ~H.W. Longfellow