Friday, May 11, 2007

To My Wonderful Mom

(an excerpt from the tribute I sent my mom, Anita Frederick- Happy Mother's Day!)

"...there are so many things about you that I aspire to on this Mother’s Day. I’d like to tell you a few: Your famous sweetness that everyone tells me first thing about you. Your unity with Diddy even when his ideas scared you out of your mind. I don’t remember once you ever running over him or shouting him down in front of us. You always seemed glad to be home and taking care of us. Even though many days and evenings you worked hard to pull the load, you still burned the midnight oil to help some last-minute person with homework ... You always worked so hard; I never knew how you pulled it off. Now I really don’t know how you did it! You have this wonderful natural compassion that allows you to be genuinely sincere and nice to pitiful people, even the guy in the nursery home who tried to suck on your fingers- ew! You truly cried when I did, and you lived vicariously the exciting times of my life.

Now don’t go getting a big head ;o)! You certainly weren’t perfect. For examples: I KNOW I deserved more spankings than I got. But you taught me mercy. I KNOW you doubted yourself far more than you should have. But you taught me humility. I KNOW you were weak enough to cry out your frustrations to Someone Else in those early mornings. But you taught me what a relationship with God looks like. Admitting we can’t make it on our own, God comes in and picks up the loose ends.

On this your 27th Mother’s Day and my 3rd, I want to ‘rise up and call you blessed!’ You have blessed my life in a million ways.

With all my love on Mother’s Day,


Juwah said...

What a lovely tribute.

I have always gotten to your blog by linking to it from Tara's. Can you give me your blog address so I can link you on mine.

Also, I'm weird I know, but do you mind removing our last name from your links? I'm so paranoid about predators on line. You could call it Matt and Julia's blog or something. Thanks for being gracious with your hyper friend. ;)

Tara said...


Beautifully said.

And i was just trying to think of a nice way to ask the same thing as Julia! None of us have our last names on ours! Looks like the direct way is the best way!

Happy Mother's Day to you!
Love ya,

Charity said...

No problem- never crossed my mind, to be honest. I guess I tend to run on the naive side at times. Glad you felt free to mention it, Tara ;o) Just kidding. Happy Mother's Day to all of you wonderful friends of ours!

Kimberly said...

Really nice, Charity...and congrats. on the new baby!!

Marty said...


Very nice tribute to your mother!

Hope you had a Happy Mother's Day!