Thursday, July 05, 2007

Food For Thought

Read an insightful quote in Today in the Word (devotional published by Moody Bible Institute) that I thought was worth sharing. Context: Genesis 22- God's test of Abraham by requesting sacrifice of his son, Isaac.

"Two statements frame the Genesis 22 story: God tests (v. 1) and God provides (v. 14). Often it is easier to affirm the God who provides, yet not welcome the God who tests. Or we despair to endure God's tests and find it hopeless to believe He actually provides. If you feel burdened by a trial that seems unbearable, pray today that the Holy Spirit would strengthen your heart to trust God and respond to Him with faith like Abraham."

With a thankful heart, I can say I'm not going through any "unbearable trials" today, but we all do and have at some time or another. Have my responses been 'in faith' in the past? Can I plan to frame them 'in faith' for the future? Just an encouraging thought.

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Valorie said...

It was great to see what's happening in your life, Charity. This is Valorie Quesenberry -- guess you remember me. Maybe we'll run into each other again sometime. Enjoyed looking at your blog.