Saturday, October 20, 2007


So. Alex is now heading up to the 3 month mark. New pics coming soon, I promise. Just thought I'd give the rest of you moms something to smile about.
You know, the guy who asked me if I was "waiting for my baby to arrive" when I was walking down the hospital hallway AFTER Alex was born, that I could understand
. I also understood why he fled in terror from the scene ;o)
But...I'm stumped this time. Today, a very nice gentleman (family to some good friends of ours) casually asked me how many weeks I was. It took me a moment to figure out what he was asking, as I was holding our little (obviously new) guy at the moment. Yes, my weight loss is "plateau-ed" (is that a word?) at the moment, but this was utterly disheartening. My one great joy? He was more horrified than I was at the answer- heehee!! Ah... the power of the postpartum woman.
Later, folks. I've an appointment with the treadmill.

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Matt and Silvia Decker said...

Charity, I so enjoy reading your posts! This one is especially funny :)Can't wait to see new pics of Kathryn and Alex.