Monday, October 29, 2007

Girls Raised in the South

Contrary to popular belief, I am a girl raised in the South. It is only doubted by Southerners who think I sound a little too "Northern." Northeners know better ;o) In spite of my accent being dampened a bit by many years of Spanish and my itsy-bitsy forays into German and Chinese, I still find the classic phrases well-entrenched in my vocab. I do mash the potatoes, mash the button and mash the brake. At Wal-Mart I shop with a buggy, and at home we cut the lights. I use the evil multiple modals: "I might ought to have gone" & "You might should go with her." I drink lemonade in the summer and think kudzu is beautiful. And we have sweet tea year round in our fridge.

Nathan, not being a true Southerner (Floridians are not considered Southern by those of this area. Logically, nonsense- but true, nonetheless), is dismayed to hear our little girl drawling out those vowels. We go to the mayuhlbox to get our letters, etc. He suspects I revert to my dialect of origin when I hear his car pull away ;o) Anyways, all this to say, she is now a bonafide Southern girl. Last night, upon accidentally poking Mommy in the eye, she looked at me ever so sweetly and said, "BLESS YOUR HEART!" Music to the ears.... :O)

p.s. I just finished Jane Eyre, largely consumed in the only isolated spot in my house (the bathroom). Yes, Southerners can read, and we DO have indoor plumbing.


Tara said...

What a fun post! I get twisted delight at the thought of you peeking out the window to make sure that Nate is gone, before indoctrinating your children w/southern dialect! Too funny!

Having family who grew up in Kentucky, I was familiar w/a lot of strange southern phrases, but I learned after moving to AL, they have some all their own! I always did think it was weird how Greg would say he was gonna "carry" Sis. Paris home, instead of "drive" or "take"! That one took some getting used to, as did cutting off the lights, and evangelizing the "heatherns" (ala Joyce!). Gotta love Bama, though! In KY, they go to the LI-BARY to borrow books, and BAG someone for a favor, as opposed to BEG. Go figure.

Thanks for sharing. I can't wait to hear Kathryn talk now!

Amy said...

Very cute. I remember when we moved to KY trying to teach my boys which words had only 2 syllables and not 3 ...or more!! I am hopeless in GA--??

I loved Jane Eyre. I just finished reading it about a month ago. I'll admit I started it out of sheer desperation. I am a voracious reader and will read almost anything (except romance novels--YUCK!). So in my desperation I went seeking from my husband who has all things classic and I loved it!!

Kimberly said...

I even have the Tshirt to prove I am a "GRITS"! (it was a gift:)
I love hearing different accents..not just we Southerners who have them! but our cadence/inflection definitely the best! It's great how it seems to be exaggerated in children for awhile. And, OF COURSE, people from FL. are not truly from the South..a logical fact.

Juwah said...

OK, I must speak for Florida. I know I was born in Michigan, but lived more years in FL. than anywhere else. While I know Southern Florida is pretty much Yankee stomping grounds, I grew up in Central Florida. Folks there "carried" other folks, "cut" things off and went "mud slingin" every Sunday. You weren't much unless you owned a truck with big wheels, rebel flag, and pit bull. When we moved there I was in 5th grade and I was shocked to learn that the Civil War was still being fought and ALL of the history books are biased because of the Yankee publishers. SO, if that doesn't make Central Florida, the south well, I'm not sure how anything qualifies.

Charity said...

Tara, do you remember the story about Sis. Paris sliding off the seat in the van and Greg's telling of the story?! Heehee!!
Amy, I also loved Jane Eyre. Ashamed to say I hadn't read it before, but better late than never.
Julia, sorry- but the votes are in. Floridians 'ain't' Southern- sounds like a bunch of wannabes to me ;o) JK

Anonymous said...

Yay for this post! Would have loved to hear your little lady "bless your heart". As a non-southerner who loves the south, I applaud all of you southern women. In grade school I tried to convince my classmates that being born right across the river from Kentucky really made me from the south. I don't think it worked.

Anonymous said...

One more thing. Yay for Jane Eyre! Loved it.

Ethan said...

Hey big sissy! I was just checking out your i must be bored! ;) haha. I do like all the pictures but im just wondering where the ones of me are? huh? huh? well you know if i had a blog i would put plenty of pics of you up... Cant wait for a chance to come down and see you, ill try to get jerri to come down with me one day and visit you. She wants to meet you. Anyways love you and give your little "rats" kisses from Uncle Ethan! Adios!