Tuesday, December 18, 2007

More Pictures to Share...

Considering the craziness of getting ready for Christmas 'doings,' I've succumbed to the superficiality and fun that is photo-blogging :o)

This ornament is a gift from one of our dear Israeli friends working at the nearby mall, Nadia. This is "Kathryn," "Alex," and "Chips" written in Hebrew (from right to left). We are having such a good time with our Jewish friends (long story short). Please pray that the Christ of Christmas will soon become their accepted Messiah. We recently were able to buy Bibles for two of them, written in Hebrew. They were so excited~ but not as much as I was excited that the response was so positive!!!

Just a pic of my favorite Christmas ornament~ a la Cracker Barrel last year.

Ethan, my younger brother, dropped in for a visit yesterday with his new fiancee, Jeri. This was our first meeting.

Jeri: very sweet, but a little shy. Hence the photo of her (sort of) :o)

Sleep in Heavenly Peace!

Visual proof (look closely) that Alex sucks on thumb and first finger intertwined~ never the thumb alone. And yes, he's sleeping on the carpet. Not our usual practice ;o) He rolled off his playmat and just conked out.

Stayed tuned for more pictures of Christmas festivities, travel, and friends (hopefully snow, too!)

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Anonymous said...

As always, love 'em! Pictures are good. :)