Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Congratulations are in order and Fleeing Eyes!

Alivia has arrived! Some of you know our good friends, Rocky and Joyce Sagely, the ecstatic grandparents, and Brook and Chad Cowherd, the proud parents. Hopefully, pictures will soon follow. Mother and baby are both doing well.

Alex had his 6 month check-up yesterday. He's 18 pounds and healthy as a horse. Yes, yes, more pictures of him coming soon, as well.

Kathryn enjoyed imitating Dr. Hamm last night with me as her patient. Her favorite instrument is a slotted spoon. She used the handle to check my ears (no comment there). Then she peered at my eyes through the slots. As she's looking very seriously into my eyes, she says, "This (spoon) is to keep your eyes from running away!"

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Tara said...

So happy for the safe arrival of little Alivia. Please give them all our love...

Talk to you soon.