Saturday, January 19, 2008

Smidgen of Snow

Yep~ please hide your sneers, ye northerners. It has snowed. It melted by noon, but things looked so magical for a few hours. The last time I saw snow around here was New Year's Eve of 2001. So pictures are definitely in order. By the way, I know this may seem unbelievable, but whenever it snowed like this when I was a kid, we'd get out of school. They wouldn't send buses down country roads in even a smidgen of snow.

Don't you love the footprints? No wild animals here; that's the signs of a dog in distress on his morning toilet run ;o)

OK, and I just HAVE to post this pic. It makes both of kids look like they're... well, fill in the blanks. It just cracks me up.


Liz said...

Nothing like a bit of snow to brighten the spirit! My little ones are now capable of begging to make a snowman when ever we see a flurry. . . :>) Just wait . . . :>)

Take care!

David and Sarah Fry said...

Yep - looks like you've got some brilliant ones on your hands!

I absolutely CANNOT believe it snowed the very winter after we leave. Oh well. Glad you got some! Problem is, you all will be walking around in flipflops before too long and we'll still be buried under drifts.