Monday, April 21, 2008

Recent Trip to Florida

L to R: Chelsea (my sister), Christy Frederick, Danielle (Thomas) Stubbs, Heidi Frederick, Wendy (Thomas) Drennen, me, Alana Frederick, Kira Frederick (Heather (Frederick) Baldwin was the only girl cousin not there that day)

Christy and Heidi Frederick (two of Stephen's three girls); I have to say that all my cousins are brilliant, witty and fun people. What a fun time we had!

Alex looking stunning ;o) against Mr. and Mrs. Eggman's flowers (my grandparents' neighbors in Hobe Sound)

Dean Stubbs (Danielle's) and Alex being chummy. Actually, Alex was eating grass and Dean was poking him. (That's a great time when you're 8 months old!)

My wonderful grandparents, Joyce (Frederick) and Alvin Morgan. These are Kathryn and Alex's ONLY great-grandparents. For those of you in Hobe Sound, you know what a sweet and classy lady my grandma is! They were so gracious to let us stay at their house~ not a small thing to bring toddlers into a quiet world like theirs. Thanks so much!!!

Danielle and part of her first-born, Leah (sorry). Danielle (Sheila's youngest) is another super-special cousin that I love spending time with.


Mary Ellen said...

While I see Steve's two oldest girls often (one works for my husband) I haven't seen Sheila's girls in YEARS. I'm so glad you posted those!

Susan said...'s great to see a pic of your grandparents. Hopefully I'll see them in June.