Saturday, May 10, 2008

Dating vs. Courtship

Julia suggested this title for my next blog ;o)

Actually this is just a little piece to pass along yet MORE Kathryn stunts~ thankfully, no dating/courtship issues in our home yet:

1. After watching Sound of Music, she walked around talking about how much she loves 'Diarrhea'~ I finally figured out she thought Maria (Julie Andrews) was 'Diarrhea'

2. Tonight after she did 'her part' in the toothbrushing routine, she decided to work on brushing her bellybutton. Too bad my camera was downstairs...

The kids and I went to the zoo last Tuesday to help our friends' little boy, Cason, celebrate his 5th birthday. Below are some pictures from our day...

Kathryn with Brenna, getting ready to hit the motherlode at the zoo.

The newest exhibit at the B'ham Zoo is the Kangaroo House/Place/Thingie. Anyways, this little guy was lapping up water like a dog. I was surprised at how much he reminded me of a deer from the front. Must be something to do with evolution ;o)

A resting butterfly in the butterfly house with all the other butterflies. What a restful place. I enjoy seeing the cocoons and such in their various stages.

Cason rides a camel. Very exciting for a 5 year old. Kathryn threw a grand tantrum because she didn't get a ride. She's so close to perfect, but that sinful nature trips her up occasionally...



Anonymous said...

Always love Kathryn stories! They make me happy. Keep 'em coming!

Taylors said...

Why is it that "Kathryn stories" always make me laugh out loud? I LOVE them!

Hope you had a great day!

Julie Schultz said...

My mom kept a little book of funny things I said. You'll just have to look back on your blog. Don't you love technology?! By the way, the Kathryn stories make me laugh out loud, too. I love them!