Saturday, October 18, 2008

Palin, Pet Peeves, and Miscellany

Things have been hopping around here~ blogging has been temporarily put to one side while we try to keep our heads above water. Anyhoo, I thought I'd update everyone on this exciting life of ours ;o)

Number #1: So many of you are yelling and hollering about seeing Palin, but I guarantee you none has been so close as I. See pics below. Actually, this is my dear friend Paula, who pulled off an amazing look-alike for a recent fall event. How does she do it?! This was clip-on earrings, reading glasses from Wal-Mart, and a hair piece (for the bangs and poofiness) scalped from one of her daughter's old dolls. She is definitely my creative hero!

Number #2: Fall has arrived. I love the glorious cool wetness of it all. We're having drizzly days, accented with the smells of cinnamon and pumpkin (from the Bath and Body Works soap I picked up last week). Hey, at least you know we wash our hands ;o) So, as the holidays approach, so do my annual pet peeve~ inflatable yard decorations. They're lovely at night. Let's see, the black cat holding a pumpkin, a lovely little ghostie, and soon, turkeys and then Santa Clauses and even a nativity scene or two. Does anyone realize that they're most often viewed in the daytime? When they're allowed to deflate into little heaps of colorful plastic all over the yard?!?! Nothing like a few piles of trashy-looking holiday decor for the neighbors to ooh and aah over. No offense to you inflatable-lovers out there. We still love you. Love covers a multitude of sins :o)

Number #3: Goodbye Mr. Chips! We've been searching for a new home for our little mini-dachshund, Chips. Between Alex eating the dog food, and Chips eating any poo diaper he may find (that only happened ONCE, I can assure you!!!), and just the general care of an indoor dog, he's a little much at the moment. I couldn't bear to drop him off at the pound, knowing how anxious he gets at the vet. Whoever adopted him would get an extremely upset and un-potty-trained puppy. So I've been looking high and low for someone to appreciate how much he loves raw broccoli, likes to sneak under bedcovers and kill spiders. Any takers? He's such a sweetie!

Number #4: We're still recovering. I'm doing much, much, much better. All the iron I'm taking is wreaking havoc on my poor tummy, but that's to be expected. Unfortunately, Nathan's broken toe wasn't healing (the bones had a gap/tissue/? between them and couldn't heal correctly). So they kind of rebroke it, wiggled it around and reset it. So, he started over. But, now he should be fine.

Number #5: The real reason I haven't been blogging is I've been sewing costumes for the fall festival. Kathryn has been begging to be Little Red Riding Hood for months. And Alex ~ well, it has been decided that he will be a monkey. I labored over the hood (pics coming soon), gave it to Kathryn, who promptly declared, "I don't want to be Little Red Riding Hood; I want to be a skinny cow!" In my infinite maternal wisdom, I said, "OK, you can just give this to your friend, Brenna, at church." So. She's Little Red Riding Hood and quite happy about it. For now.

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Juwah said...

So glad you all are doing better.

I do have a friend who is a dog lover and her dog died recently. She'd probably give Mr. Chips a home, can you bring him to IL?

A skinny cow? Too funny. Perhaps she could be the big bad wolf(wolves are skinny) and her friend could be Red and they could go together.