Friday, November 21, 2008

A fun little list I found on Kim N.'s blog...

1. The last concert I attended was by the Glenn Miller orchestra in Tuscaloosa~ I love big band!
2. What I look forward to most on Thanksgiving: help with the children (isn’t that ghastly!), lots of my favorite meat~ turkey, and time with family.
3. My Christmas shopping is almost completed~ yes, you may hate me!
4. Thoughts of "sleep" fill my head.
5. I wish I could wear things in the same size on top and bottom, and beautiful richly dark colors without turning into the Ghost of Christmas Past.
6. Bagpipes are the worst musical invention of man~ so shrill and squeaky, not to mention they have to be played by men with hairy legs in short skirts~ yuck!
7. And as for the weekend, tonight I'm looking forward to calling it a day, tomorrow my plans include finishing laundry, collecting leaves, maybe I’ll make an apple pie, and Sunday, I want to get all of us to church without vomit in the car or massive doses of Dimetapp!


Kimberly said...

I enjoyed yours! glad you did it. I actually added more stuff on that post....i never can know when to stop!
Yeah, that hairy legs part is really not an asset! Happy Thanksgiving to Ya'll!

kayla said...

Amen to no vomit in the car. I had it all over my bed this morning.

~Heather~ said...

Thanks for the sweet comment. I enjoyed reading through your fun list..."the hairy legs in skirts" cracked me up. =)

I too hope that y'all have a wonderful Thanksgiving!! =D

Anonymous said... it weird to like men with hairy legs in short skirts? I'm just asking...

Lanee M. said...

I too enjoyed the "hairy legs" comment :) LOL!! But I must admit there are times (rare times)that I enjoy bagpipe music.

The vomit thing in the car on the way to church, can't relate there. I walk across the "lawn" (if you call 2 acres of grass lawn)to church. LOL! :>)
Happy Holidays!