Friday, January 09, 2009


This old picture of Kathryn is a great visual aid to describe how I feel about right now. I just think a picture of her with hair askew and eyes wide is more attractive than myself in the same pose (maybe I'll try it sometime and see what you think).

I must join my friend Mary Ellen in saying our New Year has so far been full of puke and general yuckiness. Nathan and I contracted an oh-so-evil stomach virus last weekend. Sunday night found us lying upon our bed, alternately begging God for mercy and moaning in pain. We also learned a crucial truth to be filed away for future reference as parents: after each parent visits the bathroom for nastiness "of both kinds" 15-20 times, there is no energy left to care for children. There wasn't exactly a queue of people lined up to volunteer for obvious reasons. Thus we learned truth number two: the only angels available and willing to visit your bedside and spirit your children away in the middle of the night WILL be the cleanest people you know. You WILL lay upon your bed wishing you knew exactly where your baby's clean socks are and that you had done supper dishes BEFORE retiring. You will picture them stumbling over toys, blocks, etc. as they scrounge up diapers and changes of clothing. Ahh~ the humiliation. Maybe I'll stop taking such advantage of Sunday being such a 'day of rest'~ my rest seems to mean the house's complete destruction.

That is the nicest, cleanest way of describing the horrors that befell our master suite. Let's not mention that I've now replaced the a/c vent next to the toilet and dumped baking soda down the ductwork (how did THAT happen? Note: if I don't know, it wasn't me ~ hee,hee!) I've also chloroxed everything that wasn't lysoled, and plan to scrub the vinyl with an (old) toothbrush. Laundry has been shouted and removed of stains and odors and I now think we're almost ready for a new year...

Oh, well, so much for my plans to come back from my hiatus with a perky, happy, happy, joy, joy blog for you dear readers. Drink lots of fluids and type away, fellow bloggers.


Julie Schultz said...

Oh dear! I hope you all return to full health soon!

Tara said...

welcome back, Charity! You're coming back in style! :)