Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Waiting for Spring

OK, I'm officially antsy, blue, ready for spring. I'm sick of dead grass, bare trees, bored kids. This week I saw a forsythia bush, some daffodils and a redbud tree all tentatively in bloom. So!!!! It's coming!!!! I came home and literally took a peek at my daffodil bulbs to make sure evil voles hadn't chewed them to bits. Thankfully, under their blanket of mulch, I found some green shoots headed for the light.

I feel like my brain's turned to winter mush, with no blog-worthy thoughts sprouting at all. So I'll just give you all a general idea of what's been happening here...

1. Kathryn has finally broken through her psych-block with doing 'No. 2' on the potty! Woohoo! Success~ finally. Let's see. She's only 3 years 10 months old~ agh... I must admit to underhanded devious techniques. Thank you to my dear sister-in-law Marianne for giving me the perfect peer pressure. "Kathryn, your cousin Daniel, you know the little baby one, the one that's a whole YEAR younger than YOU, is going poo on the potty~ like no big deal. He's really proud of being such a big boy." I'm sure (nope, I'm 100% positive!) that's not the best method, but I tried all the others and they failed, so there! She also has proclaimed her need to find a godly man to marry, so all you mommies out there~ please do a good job :o) In quiet moments, she asks me to play Mario on Nintendo 64 so she can sit in my lap and hug me as I fall over cliff after cliff (Hate that ice world!). The dramatic shrieking we do together is soooo bonding ;o)

2. Nathan got his annual review today at the office. He says he thinks maybe glimmers of his greatness are being seen ;o) (I put that in there for Tara and Julia and a few others, you know who you are).

3. Alex is hurtling himself down the stairs. Bummer. I didn't teach him in hopes of only worrying about one floor. Nope~ he's off and running. Tomorrow is his 18 mos. appt. That means shots. He continues to be a happy chappy, although he has officially begun full-blown obedience training/testing. If any of you get a phone call from a person breathing hard and drooling into the phone, don't worry- it's just him with his favorite off-limits item.

4. More later this week on Valentine's. T-T-F-N. If you know what that means, you've been reading too much Pooh and Tigger with your kids, like me...


Liz said...

What a sweet treat to read your update! I wish I be a fly on the wall watching you two play Mario. :>)

Tara said...

Glad to get an update from you!
Couldn't possibly agree with you more on your "season" thoughts. But you know that already. It's hard to have blog-worthy thoughts...or as Kimberly posted, the "will to blog"...during this winter season. How I hate it!!!

YAY YIPPEEE AND HALLELUJAH for poopy in the toilet. Go Kathryn!

GO NATHAN for your glimmers of greatness being seen....I saw them years ago, you know. :)

And Alex, please refrain from heavy breathing in the phone. No good ever comes from it. LOL!

Love to all.....

Juwah said...

Congrats on the poo...you know your life has changed when you say something like that to your friend.

OK I gotta say I'm "green" with envy on your budding trees and flowers. We've had a couple really warm days, but my gut knows the end is not near. We always have a cold winter relapse in March.

Funny, I laughed and rolled my eyes at Nate before I even read that it was written with me in mind. :)

I love it that somebody else has "weird bonding" times with their kids too. Try putting on your MP3 and sing very loud (I will not mention the sporadic dancing)....it's a sure belly buster for your little ones. :)

Kimberly said...

i know what it measn!!:)

like Kathryn, I'm lookin out for a "happy chappy"!:)

kayla said...

Your update gave me a much needed laugh.

Marty said...

I to have watched way to much Winnie the Pooh!! I'm with you on the potty thing...Peyton is finnally getting there!!! YEAH!! only one more to go...in a few years!!

Mary Ellen said...

So glad to see you blogging again, always get a good laugh from when you write.

Yay Katherine!

I've probably watched FAR MORE Winnie the Pooh then I have anything for my age. "-)