Friday, April 03, 2009

Chip Ingram speaking on Adversity, 4/2/09

And I quote, "I am absolutely convinced that everything that will be necessary for me to go through this in a way that honors God and gives me what I need is 100% available to me at this moment. That’s my eager focus and expectation. My hope is not based on temporal circumstances changing. My hope is based on a hope that cannot change. And my hope and certainty is that a sovereign, good God, using the prayers of people and the power of His Spirit will give me all that I need so that in the window of time when I’m at the spiritual free-throw line and the entire stadium of eternity is filled, I will have sufficient courage to do exactly what You want me to do."

Perspective is EVERYTHING. How thoroughly such a belief is entrenched in our minds and hearts will make THE DIFFERENCE in whether or not our response to adversity is God-glorifying. Man, I LOVE this quote!


Tara said...

goodness! I got choked up just reading this aloud to myself. I NEEDED this today. Thanks so much for sharing.

Whew.....good stuff.

Ladyluck said...

wow. so often we view our circumstances as something we should cry out to God to change for us rather than viewing them as something that can bring us closer to Him and glorify Him.
thanks for posting this quote.