Wednesday, July 15, 2009


Went to the zoo yesterday. Kathryn and Alex darted from cage to cage, peering in at strange creatures snoozing, picking fleas, swimming, slithering. We passed through the social animals exhibit, where primates of all types climbed and swung from vine to rope to tree. Then there it was, the glass-enclosed display of skulls, from the tiniest what-ever-it-was up through the chimp, gorilla, and finally us, the HOMO-SAPIENS. Kathryn asked what it was, and I said, "just some old bones" and kept walking. In many of the exhibits, the animals were fighting. Struggling for the highest position on the rock, the best feeding spot, pulling ears, biting, yanking tails. Now THAT looked a bit human, I have to say. The only true commonalities between the two sides of the glass were a common creator and a common fall. In fact, the very fact that there are cages and trenches and walls signifies the fallen nature of creation. Can you imagine a zoo on the new earth? Where all things live harmoniously? Don´t worry, all you moms out there... I didn´t moan and groan through the zoo sharing the theology of the fall with everyone within 500 feet, ruining the day for everyone. I oohed and aahed over how beautiful and unique God had made these animals, and my kids enjoyed it thoroughly. But what I have to say to you adults out there is ´go to the zoo.´ We believe in the imminent return of Christ, don´t we? This may be your last chance to see the fall in the animal kingdom, you never know. Of course, you could just wait for the ´social animals´in the backseat to fight over the fries. As for me, I´m looking forward to the New Jerusalem Zoo.

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