Monday, October 26, 2009

Alex´s Dedication and Fall Time

I can feel the bloggin´ bug beginning to bite again. Ah, Facebook is fine, with little snippets of life from a few hundred friends each week, but it´s such quick fix. I kind of seeing blogging as the front porch sitting of the internet. Time to think, to write, to pass around the photo album, to indulge in some cyber-coffee.

I thought I´d start off with a few pictures from the last roll of film that came through. Alex and his cousin Stephen were dedicated together by Rev. Darrell Stetler in September at the Burlington Bible Methodist Church. Bro. Stetler did such a good presentation, even including a charge to the older siblings, which I thought was neat. It was once again a time for remembering why it is we do what we do, for lifting the eyes above loads of laundry and piles of leaves to those sweet children in our lives. To the eternality of their souls. Speaking of which, Kathryn informed me and her daddy that she asked Jesus to live in her heart. This was the last week of September. She´s not a public performer, so true to her nature, this is something she did privately, without even us. But upon questioning and observing, we feel that she is indeed growing in grace. So exciting!

And it´s FALL. F-A-L-L, Fall! as Buzby (Alex´s favorite Hermie character) would say (in his best Elvis voice). I am so loving it! For all you flavored coffee drinkers out there, you HAVE to try the new seasonal liquid Coffeemate Caramel Apple flavor. Yummy!!! Make sure you have a slice of carrot cake or a pumpkin muffin to go with it. More pictures below...

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I'm trying to catch up on blogs. Enjoyed yours....really LOVE you blogs new look.