Friday, April 30, 2010

Points, points, points
Isn't it just great when we're out with friends, and one says, "Oh, I can't have THAT. It has SOOOO many POINTS!" Simultaneously, we hate the person talking (who has just ruined our piece of cheesecake) and we wonder, "What are points anyways?" I do TRY not to be annoying. If you're dieting, do try not to be annoying. If you're headed to a baby shower where the CAKE awaits, cut back a little the week before to accommodate that piece. Otherwise, someone WILL notice, and instead of focusing on baby and mom, the conversation dissolves into diet stuff, making the mom-to-be feel like a cow. (Just my humble opinion, people) Like I said, let's not be jerks.

Weight Watchers points are the backbone of their weight-loss/maintenance plans. You can google it online and find out how many points you should be getting to lose weight if you're curious. I get 20 a day, plus 35 extra to play around with during the week. Points are calculated by looking at calorie content, fat gms, and fiber. Here's the problem. I have been told: Well, diet coke has 0 points, and orange juice has 2. Don't drink orange juice!!! Well, that's just ridiculous. Diet coke is nutritionally zip, zilch, nada (and did I mention, I LOVE IT?! Especially with Sonic's vanilla add-in and extra ice????!!!!) Back on track. It's always better to use your points in the most nutritious way possible.

Example: (not exact- since I'm not actually looking up the points for this)

Let's say we want to spend no more than 5 points on breakfast.

Option A: One bowl of Froot-Loops with 1% milk

Option B: One bowl of blueberries (1 point), one Tbsp. of delish creamer in my coffee (1 point), one Thomas Multi-grain Better Start Light (said as quickly as possible)english muffin (1 point), toasted, with all-natural peanut butter (1) and local honey (1), Fiber one yogurt (0)

Now! As you might have guessed by the specifics, Option B is one of my favorite breakfasts- yum! Both options give you 5 points. My guess is Option A will dissolve mid-esophagus, leaving me ravenously hungry by say, 8:06. Option B is much more filling, not to mention nutritious.

Can I lose weight on WW and be a junk food lover? Oh, yes. But you're going to be very hungry and not very healthy if that's all you eat. I save my 35 extra points for that night we have Papa John's (drool) or the a.m. we grab a Krispy Kreme on the way back from the pediatrician. Our the baby shower. I enjoy real food. Leading me to the next point.

Real food (in my oh-so-humble-opinion): does not come from a microwaved freezer package. Blessings on all who survive on such airplane food. Ew. Blech. With all due respect, I do not purchase Smart Ones. Nor do I pay someone to separate my chips into 100 calorie bags, or shred my carrots. (Please, please- it's ok if you do- I'm just very, very, very cheap).

Cheap. Very cheap. Leading me to the $ involved in WW. WW costs about $30 a month. That's right (a month!!!) I find this exorbitant. However, what hits your pocketbook, hits your heart (at least mine). It's easier to follow the plan and lose weight when you're paying that kind of money for the privilege. Once you hit goal weight, you can go free for life (aka true happiness).

The average person on WW loses 2-5 lbs per week the first few weeks. After that, 1-2 lbs a week is normal. That can give you some idea of how long it would take you to lose weight on WW.

WW is a great program, but not everyone likes it. My suggestion is if you're thinking about joining, follow these tips:

1. Try writing down everything (every bite, lick, taste - as they say in WW) you eat. Not just what, but how much. Leave off the points, or calories. Just record.
2. Try saving the 30 bucks from avoiding take-out or other convenience foods. Hit for great recipes instead.

If you join, work the plan. If you work it religiously, the lbs. DO come off! Good luck, gals!

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