Thursday, July 22, 2010

You know you’re a mother of small children at Church Camp when…
You know more kids’ songs than hymns.
Prayer time is always preceded by clap your hands together, squeeze your eyes tight, and let’s talk to Jesus.
Walking through the cafeteria with three trays, two desserts, and pink lemonade is otherwise known as the walk of fear.
Your packing includes ten favorite toys, 2 favorite blankets and generous supply of bandaids and Neosporin.
Your idea of teamwork is finding other moms to watch your kids while your shower.
You frequent the local ATM because cash is a non-negotiable for the boys and girls’ offering contest, and the Snack Shop approaches the level of need after 8 p.m.
Each night you find the bottoms of your kids’ feet are completely black.
Your idea of participating in worship is keeping your children from disturbing others’ worship.

Monday, July 12, 2010

The Guilt-Ridden Pseudo-Book Review

This post is a bit different for me. I'd like to review and recommend a book to you, dear readers, for your consideration. I recently read Reflecting Beauty by Mrs. Valorie Quesenberry. OK, so I read it, liked it, loaned it out, finally got it back, lost it in my laundry room ;o), was asked to review it, searched diligently for it, found it and promptly loaned it out again. Mrs. V.Q. had kindly asked me to review it on my blog if I got a chance (MONTHS ago, I must admit), and I had agreed.

I believe a book review should be written with the treasured tome close at hand, well-worn with Post-its sticking out all over marking noteworthy passages. Hence the guilt. So here's what I think you should know about Reflecting Beauty:

1. Its message is crucial to Christian women. So many of us were raised to think of the pursuit/desire for beauty as semi-evil. It was all or nothing. Raise your daughter in beauty pageants from the age of 18 months, spend your budget on makeup, get a nose job or eschew all thoughts of beauty completely. As if frumpy-ness is related to godliness. V.Q. says that the desire for beauty is God-given, powerful, and should be recognized as such.

2. The book is balanced, Biblical, easy-to-read, thoughtful and broken into wonderful little segments to lead a young ladies' class through the topic. It would also be great for an individual exploration into a study of God's word and one's own beliefs.

3. The biggest reason for this pseudo-review is perhaps its best review: I CAN'T STOP LOANING IT OUT!!! I handed it to one girl, who teared up immediately and said, "This subject is painful for me. Every guy's who has told me I'm beautiful was lying." (As in, that wasn't enough to hold them in the relationship...) We desperately need to get God's view on our worth from His perspective in this biggie area. Thanks, Valorie, for such a great resource. I guess I need an extra no-loaner copy for my own bookshelf! :o)