Thursday, July 22, 2010

You know you’re a mother of small children at Church Camp when…
You know more kids’ songs than hymns.
Prayer time is always preceded by clap your hands together, squeeze your eyes tight, and let’s talk to Jesus.
Walking through the cafeteria with three trays, two desserts, and pink lemonade is otherwise known as the walk of fear.
Your packing includes ten favorite toys, 2 favorite blankets and generous supply of bandaids and Neosporin.
Your idea of teamwork is finding other moms to watch your kids while your shower.
You frequent the local ATM because cash is a non-negotiable for the boys and girls’ offering contest, and the Snack Shop approaches the level of need after 8 p.m.
Each night you find the bottoms of your kids’ feet are completely black.
Your idea of participating in worship is keeping your children from disturbing others’ worship.


Jennifer said...

I just found your blog and am enjoying it very much! We are going to church camp next week, so this post is all too real to me!

Kim M. said...

Aw, I recognized the chapel! The walls are still mauve after all these years!