Thursday, November 18, 2010

DeZpiZing the Little Things

I dipped into the minor prophets this week and somehow got stuck. This is not my preferred section of the Bible. On a good day, I can say them in order, but please don't ask me to summarize Haggai. (I know this is a terrible and utterly shocking admission, consistent with the vast majority of Christendom). Every time I jump in for a bit, I'm amazed by the depth of the love and anger of God and I think, I should come here more often. So here I am again.

And Zerubbabel is here, too. That is- in Zechariah 4. And zust in zase you zink I haz gone crazzy wiz za z's, I haven't. (OK, it's past 2 p.m.- pardon my lack of... of... of...whatever). Moving on. This is the most amazing and encouraging passage! God's sending a message saying that it is HIS PLAN that Zerubbabel not only start the temple, but finish it as well. Of course, it's not by human power or strength that this impossible task will be completed, it's "by My Spirit, saith the Lord!" And then this: don't despise the little things; God rejoices just to see the plumb line in Zerubbabel's hand (paraphrasing here)!

Let me personalize it for you as I did for myself: It is God's plan that ________. I have work to do on this plan. But by myself it is impossible. That is so the whole world will know that when plan X comes about, it was a God thing. And God is rejoicing just to see my babysteps.

I find it easy to despise the little things. The baby steps, the almost imperceptible progress, the plateaus. GOD IS REJOICING at my efforts to do His will. That is so encouraging to me. He rejoices when I pick up the apron, knowing that I'm working on His plan for me to love my family with healthy food. He rejoices when I scramble for a phonics game, knowing that it is His plan that Kathryn learn to read His Word. He rejoices when I iron those clothes for Sunday, knowing that it is His plan that we spend time with the Body of Christ. He rejoices at each effort to plant Godly values and character in our children. When I just have the "plumb line" in my hand, and the wall is yet to be, He is rejoicing. And here I just must say "Woohooooooooooo!" for my heavenly support system!

Zat's all. Zee end.

Monday, November 08, 2010

Winter Love and Hate

I love the flavors of winter: the nutmeg, pumpkin, cinnamon, peppermint. The sounds of winter: bells, the Hallelujah Chorus, the crooners' Christmas renditions. The ambience of winter: candles, greenery, fireplace, the bite of cold against my face. The holidays of winter: Thanksgiving, Christmas, New Year's, Valentine's, my (30th-sh!) birthday. These almost make up for the cold. But there is just one winter event that will take my breath away every time. I attended the first one of the season just last week.

The twilight sky was charcoal smudges from another cloudy day. But just at the edge of the horizon was an explosion of color. Breathtaking oranges and pinks. Etched along it in black were a thousand sleeping trees. I'm not sure what it is about a winter sunset, but they are the Hallelujah chorus, the joy of the season all mixed up in one visual feast.

Ah... now to what happens after the sunset. Which is at 4:52 approximately. What in the world do I do with two busy little people until 9:00? I need a plan, people. Help me out. (My natural inclination is to pull up the chairs and let them help me bake, bake, bake. The only problem with this scenario is the food, food, food!) I'm all ears....