Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Picture Blog Summer 2011 Part 2

Since we 're-started' Kindergarten in January (that's a whole 'nother story- suffice it to say we were not connecting with our original plan, and we found happiness in the BJU Online K5 program), we've been doing homeschool through the summer. We're currently in our month off, and about to start Grade 1. I DID try to make the summer fun. The following pics of Elephant Girl and Boy are from the zoo. They have a new African Elephant exhibit, complete with drums the kids can play, masks, and 5 huge bull elephant. It's also cleverly (haha) designed to make you walk a gazillion miles between exhibits. Poor, poor feet.

We also took a long weekend to visit our friends Matt and Julia Thomas and kiddos while Nathan was suffering for the gospel in the Grand Caymans. We had a blast with their fabulous family (and their pool). Of course, I didn't take my camera- genius. We celebrated Alex's 4th b-day there with pizza and a DQ ice cream cake (and Matt parading him around the room ;o) Alex was embarrassed and kept staying, "STOP THE MUSIC!!!" in his best Veggie Tale voice. On the way home, Kathryn said, "OK, Mom- when we get home, we can go out and buy the pool and set it up, right?" Right... I caved and got them SWIMMING CLOTHES and went to Oak Mountain State Park / Lake instead. Beautiful surroundings and a nice shallow area for the kids to play in.

Bible visitors came to homeschool one day, then they shed their headgear and voila! time travel is so easy!! (even if the Vulcan High Council doesn't think it possible)

Mitzi, the family schnauzer, continues to grow and chew on everything she finds. She likes salsa, muffins, toilet paper and gum.

More pics to come!

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Enjoyed seeing your last 2 posts of fun pics!! Thanks for posting! =)

I left this comment on my blog for you.

Thank you all, for your very sweet comments!!

Charity, The nationals will be here alone...with God. Lord willing, we are to return from Arg. to Colombia in March, 2012.