Sunday, February 17, 2013

(Because the truth matters most!)

Who am I?

I am...

1.  a beloved child of God, (as evidenced by the discipline I receive ;o).

2.  a woman, designed to reflect the nurturing aspects of the Father.

3.  a woman, designed as female because of the needs of the male - designed to complement  my brothers in Christ, not to compete with them.

4. a married woman, specifically given as a reward to Nathan, designed to be his needed helper, lover and mother of his children.

5. a young woman, made to love my children and my husband and to have a home-centered heart.


Valorie said...

Yay! Love the perspective! We need to talk again - I'm having brain overload. :)

Holly said...

So well said! I've been thinking along similar lines about priorities, and what should come first in this stage of my life.