Thursday, April 11, 2013

April 11, 2013 Daybook Entry
Outside my window …. It is the quiet dark just before dawn.  The cats are prowling.  May they find many voles in my yard and eat them all.

I am thinking …. I accomplished a huge amount yesterday.  In fact, if I had a cape, I’m pretty sure I could have flown.  Maybe I should take a day off.  Wishful thinking.

I am thankful for …. good coffee and the fuzzy little dog that meets me so happily every morning.

Around the house …. we are putting in new doors soon.  Outside, everything is a yellow wonderland of pollen.  The beautiful banks of wisteria are putting on flowers amongst the kudzu down the street.  Love!  This picture isn't local, but I'll try to get up one soon.

I am loving …. my cute fluffy read from Fannie Flagg.  So far, so good.

I am hoping …. That it won’t be raining too hard when we’re out today for the Charlotte’s Web production at the Birmingham Children’s Theater.  You know the mommy waddle with two growing children glued to her sides, trying to keep all body parts perfectly dry.  The “Kathryn’s making my big toe get sprinkled on!” wails.  The “I think I felt a half a drop on my dainty finger.  Move over.”  Maybe it’s time for individual umbrellas.  

I am stitching …. Normally nothing.  Yesterday, I sewed up a long slit into a more acceptable walking vent.  Does that count?

I am drooling over …. The Fiesta Bean Salad from  Wishing I had made more, since I ate it all myself :o)

I am sorely tempted by …. The thought of sneaking into the bathroom and wrapping an unsuspecting Nathan up in the wet, cold shower curtain.  I’ll wait until my braces are out; it’ll only be funny if I don’t get smacked in the mouth by the flailing appendages.   

I am reading …. every morning for my daily Bible reading plan.  Moving right along.  Also, we are reading the Hobbit during our morning homeschool, and Patricia St. John’s “Treasures of the Snow” for bedtime.

On my Kindle Fire… the children, usually.  I thought I bought it for myself, but there seems to be a lot more of Happy Jump and Temple Run on there than good books.

On my mind …. The creep who has been knocking on my Mom’s door before sunrise, and right after my dad leaves for work.  They live out a ways, so the cops aren’t super close.  I’ve been praying that God would strike him dead if he plans to hurt my mom.  I’m also very, very sure that God can keep her far safer than I can.  Thankful for the right to own guns.

On my To Do list …. Having my car detailed inside.  The vomit from last week may not stink or be gross, but having red Kool-Aid as the main ingredient did a number on the upholstery.  The glamorous life of a mom.

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