Thursday, March 27, 2014

March 27, 2013 Daybook Entry
Outside my window …. The sun is going down, the armadillo trap is re-baited with nasty, old shrimp shells, the daylily foliage is really popping up.  I love flowers that I can just throw in the flower bed willy-nilly, and they will come up anyway.  (I'm very good at killing plants)

I am thinking …. about a good friend's relationship with God.  Wondering what God is saying to her heart and how she will respond.  Wishing I knew more, sometimes glad I don't.

I am thankful for …. a godly mother-in-law who brings her extraordinary grandmothering skills around this time of year each year.  She loves spring in the South, and her only granddaughter's birthday, dark chocolate and chai tea lattes from the kitchen.  We are happy to oblige.  Here is a pic of a quilt she's making for her Asian-obsessed Kathryn.  Each little girl is unique and a little piece of Mom's imagination.  We love it!

In the kitchen... my oven sits sadly, quietly deceased.  I feel quite handicapped.  First, did you know that the surest way to kill your oven is to promise to bake something for a friend?  or your daughter? yep.  dead.  dead.  dead.  I received a phone call today promising the arrival of my new one in 8-10 days.  I am fearlessly entering the world of induction cooking.  Unless I blow up the house, I may write of my experience.

Around the house …. We are changing up some decor.  Going into a black, white, tan color scheme / vintage/french country/old Hollywood look in the master bath.  I'm loving it so far.  I am a super slow decorator, and highly incompetent.  If you have any ideas for this room pics below, I'm all ears (seriously!)  My plan is to paint the beadboard wallpaper (yes, that's wallpaper :o) glossy white and the cabinetry glossy black.  

The boldest look I've ever done in the house

En lieu of his/hers signs

French- love some french!

Beadboard wallpaper with added wood trim
Speaking of all ears (random thought alert) while doing some Spanish translation work this week, I discovered "wingchair" is "earchair" in Spanish. And this is what I thought of...  Turns out it's been invented already- by the Japanese.

I am loving …. the taste of homemade buttercream icing on Kathryn's (early) birthday cake tonight.  I bake yummy cakes and make yummy icing.  I am a terrible decorator, though, so the kids now decorate their own cakes.  Here's Kathryn's mosaic flower garden cake.  The plastic wrap was pulling off the candies, so I left the wrap on for the picture.  How is this child about to turn 9?!

I am hoping …. that this week's cold snap is the last of the season.  And yes, by cold snap, I realize that it was warmer than my three readers have seen for months.  Sorry.

I am sorely tempted by ….going to bed early.  Spring break is a beautiful thing. 

I am reading …. (don't laugh) Grace Livingston Hill.  I found a some of her books free in a book bin outside 2nd & Charles, and I just HAD to know if they are as cheesy as I remembered.  Yes.  Just that cheesy.  Yes.  So I read until I start laughing so hard I have to stop.  So far I think I've covered four pages in a week.
On my To Do list …. sew new curtains for dining room.  These 'shiver' in the a/c and scare passing children in the night- ahahahahaha (evil laugh).  Maybe I should leave them up and spare us the awkward child knocking on the door moments.  You know- when they (because they have recently learned interesting things both from homeschool science and more importantly, from amorous lemurs at the zoo) think you're "doing something" and you are.


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