Monday, April 02, 2007

And It's A Boy!

To our surprise, there was no little girl on the ultrasound screen. It's a BOY! And to think we've been calling him Natalie for months... I do hope he's not subconsciously scarred for life. Anyways, so all the purple and pink clothes shall be packed away, and we're adjusting our psyches for a little boy joining our home.

And for the latest Kathryn news, she turned two today! She also humiliated me today for the first? time. In the post office, there was a young college girl in front of us in line. She was wearing the typical Alabama garb for summer- shirt just a hair longer than her teeny-weeny shorts. Kathryn decided she must have forgotten to put on her 'bottoms', pointed directly at her (3 feet away) and shouted (perception is everything, you know), "Clothes on! Clothes on!" Oh yes, this could be a LONG summer! ;o)

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Tara said...

YEAH! I'm so happy you have a blog. And you will be surprised how much better connected we all are now. Turns out, you had yours first, and NEVER TOLD ANYONE!! Anyway, blessings on you and your developing little boy. They are SOOO precious. My little caboose is 8 wks old today already. It goes so fast.
More later,