Saturday, April 14, 2007

I'm playing the piano for a wedding today. Who knew a rehearsal could last 4 hours?! Weddings are such a combination of massive stress, high tensions, and.... happiness?! They are fertile soil for arguments, kisses and apologies. After last night, I realized I've missed my calling. I could definitely direct a wedding- it's in my blood. I'm bossy by nature. It would definitely be less stressful than timing music to match the arrival of the typical bratty kids at the altar.

Meanwhile, back on the ranch, Nathan and Kathryn are both sick, so it looks as though I'll be without moral support today. I'll make do though. Pianos are a great place to store chocolate! :O)


Marty said...

Love the blog!!! Thanks for staying tune to the Sams life of leisure!!Ha! So happy to hear about the baby boy...every mother needs one!


David and Sarah Fry said...

I'm so glad I discovered you!! I'm sneaking a little break from my own SECOND wedding rehearsal for the day. Uggh!

I'll definately be back to your blog...adding you to my favorites!