Thursday, May 03, 2007

Hydrangeas and Johnny Mathis

At the risk of sounding a little too "Julie-Andrewish," I find that dwelling on happy thoughts on stressful days eases the tension. You guessed it, the potty training is killing me. So here's my list of happy things. Most have some sentimental meaning linked to the carefree days of childhood. Maybe they'll spark thoughts in your minds of things that just make you smile no matter what...

Peanut butter and honey / sourdough bread sandwiches with milk
Hydrangea bushes, irises and daylilies
Sandwich made of perfectly ripe tomatoes and mayonnaise
Playing hide and seek outdoors on cool summer nights
All crooners
Sweet tea "done right"
Sycamore trees that pop off bark during thunderstorms
Chicken and dumplings
All things gingham with eyelet lace
Homemade oatmeal cookie dough on a spoon
Cinnamon rolls on Christmas morning
Holding hands with Nathan
Hot tea with sugar and milk
Sunrises when I'm rested
Sunsets when I'm tired


Tara said...


Loved your list, girl. I hope your day is going better today than when we talked yesterday. Kinda got off the topic of potty-training *yikes*!, but I wasn't of much use in that area anyway. Pretty sad for a mother of four. Oh well..... and big AMEN on the hydrangeas, one of my absolute faves!
Love ya,

maryellenhuff said...

Are those your hydrangeas? They are gorgeous. They won't grow in Florida - unfortunately - and to buy them as a flower arrangement is crazy expensive so sometimes I'll buy a few of the potted plants to sit in the house. One of my favorites. You could probably sell those blooms to a florist down here for some big bucks!

Don't stress about the potty training thing - it just might be too early for her. This Mommy of four can tell you mine have trained at all different ages (one yet to go, just turned two) because they were ready at different ages. They've trained from just over two to four and a half!

Charity said...

I wish it was a picture of my own gardening, but it's not. I'm actually quite new to the plants world and am attempting to keep my first flower box of begonias alive. So far, so good. My grandmother had massive, humongous hydrangeas like that (snowball bushes, we called them) when I was a kid. And always blue.