Saturday, June 30, 2007

Beware, Ye Voles!

So we've sunk to a new low (as Nathan so aptly puts it). Neither of us being feline-friendly, we've adopted a kitten to keep the yard free of voles, moles, and chipmunks. Meet Kitty. She/he has no official name; all suggestions will be considered. Thankfully, it's very good natured, doesn't scratch, and even gets along with Chips, our miniature dachshund. It's even alleviating my fear of cats. The last cat I was around was owned by a lady in Tequesta, FL whose house I cleaned. It would hide when I let myself in the house, usually under the bed or a couch pillow. Then it would leap on my legs when I made the bed or on my back when I bent over to dust the gazillion photo frames in the living room. Many battles later, I learned to find HER first and sweep her into the back room with a broom. The rest of the four hours were punctuated by sounds of a cat leaping from the bed and flinging her body against the door. Gives me the willies just remembering that evil creature. Then there was the one my parents had who was perfectly civil until someone turned off the lights, whereupon she would leap in full attack mode onto the nearest unsuspecting victim. Such is my cat history. This had better be worth it!!


Anonymous said...

You truly have sunk to a new low! Well, I hope that the kitty earns its keep. At least then it will be good for something! I'm kidding!! Seriously, it is pretty cute. I've never been great at naming things. (Example: I once had a dog named Benjamin Franklin. Enough said.) I wish you all the best with your cute cat. May it slaughter voles by the hundreds.

Juwah said...


You are too funny. The cat stories made my day. I suggest naming the cat "THE VOLMINATOR". This will keep you from having to explain to people why you have a cat and perhaps with such a fierce name it will in fact, do it's job.

PS. I would suggest determining it's gender soon, or you may have more kitties than you bargained for.

Charity said...

Thanks for the name suggestion, Juwah. It would be interesting to see how Kathryn would pronounce "THE VOLMINATOR"- which of course should be said with deep, dramatic tones. I can hear a high-pitched, squeaky "Folnatah" or otherwise mutilated version of your wonderful suggestion. For now, I guess she's named it "Kitty." And considering the evidence at hand (the presence of an extra 'opening'), I think we have a female- oh, goodie!