Tuesday, June 26, 2007

For Those Curious Few

This post is specifically for those friends of mine who have been begging to see pictures of my pregnant self. It is not for those of you who are rolling your eyes. This photo was taken under coercion. It was taken on the same day I was arrested for beating two Pizza Hut employees to death with my diaper bag after they made remarks about my size. I am not due until August 11th and yes, there is only one.

On a serious note, I have thoroughly enjoyed and found helpful all the posts you gals made on 'teachableness.' Wow- what interesting thoughts and great ideas! A brief anecdote from home: In talking to Nathan about the subject, we found ourselves talking about his dad. *Alert, Alert! The secret lives of the Browns that you've all been wondering about is hereby revealed* As you've probably guessed, home life / vacation time is often filled with discussions about the Bible. I've been blessed to sit in on many of these. And inevitably, someone's theory is discussed and picked apart and analyzed. I can't tell you the number of times I've heard Dad Brown say something along the lines of, "We are interested in the truth. Even if we have to change something we've been saying for years, we want the truth of the Word!" Nathan says that this attitude toward learning is and was the model that taught him 'teachableness.' Thank God for the teachable people in our lives.


maryellenhuff said...

I think you look great!

Isn't it amazing what complete strangers (who obviously don't value their life very much) have to say to pregnant women? I always got as big as a barn (and had half grown babies) so the rude comments from total strangers never ceased to amaze me...I've heard it all from "you have HOW much longer until you are due - you look like you are ready now" to "Really? It's only one!?!" And I would just laugh, or smile, through gritted teeth - what was I to do? Throw myself on them and crush them to death!?!?!

Juwah said...

I echo Maryellen, I think you look great. When you are skinny and get pregnant you always look "bigger" than if you start out at 200, what's another 30lbs? At least, that's my spin on it. :) Thanks for posting the photo.

I also appreciate the value of being willing to change our own perspectives to match scripture/truth. What a wasted life to work so hard to make scripture match our perspectives.

kayla said...

Very cute picture! A little warning though, the more kids you have the greater the tendency to pop out. Keep in mind for future reference.

Anonymous said...

Boo to those Pizza Hut employees! I think you look really good. What do they know anyway? I mean, outside of pizza.

Also, I really enjoyed lurking about on the discussion regarding teachableness. I didn't give my two cents because I thought everyone else just about had it covered. Bravo to all of my insightful friends!

Marty said...


You look BEAUTIFUL...and not bigger than a minute...you have nothing to worry about! Like Kayla said...you do tend to get bigger with each pregnancy!

I loved the comments on teachableness from Papa Brown!!! Go Papa Brown!!