Tuesday, September 25, 2007

And Everyone Said...

ROLL TIDE!! Yes, college football season is in full swing. T-town (otherwise known as Tuscaloosa) is close enough that the excitement permeates everything and everyone. As the University of Alabama is our alma mater, we enjoy getting together with friends for fun, food and football (the football part is an acquired taste for me, the food part is not- this is unfortunate for my postpartum weight loss goals).

Enough rambling. My little sister (a rabid, albeit privately shrieking fan of the Crimson Tide) finally got to go to her first game in the stadium two weekends ago. Happily for her, it was a phenomenal game against Arkansas with lots of nail-biting and an eventual win in the last few moments. Chelsea is at heart a shy little creature, who would prefers to avoid strange places and people. I was curious as to how 92,000 strangers might affect her. Well, ever heard of crowd psychology? By the end of the game, she said she had screamed herself hoarse, had lost some hearing and had hugged people she'd never seen before :o) She testifies to moments of near tears, involuntary cheering, and heart-pounding adrenaline. I think she surprised herself, and she had a great time.

We humans do weird things when they mass together, don't they? Emotions are intensified, strengths and weaknesses alike are magnified, feelings of unity are produced among strangers.
It's just part of our makeup. Nathan and I began talking about this, and he brought up the largest crowd of all. Someday millions of redeemed humans will be worshipping our Savior in complete unity of heart and spirit. Well, perhaps I should say they already are- we'll just join in. Can you imagine the sensations, the emotions, the palpable excitement, Christ right there in front of our eyes? There's a good reason for glorification of the human body. I think in our present state, we'd probably have a heart attack (at least)! If an earthly crowd can build such excitement over a game of football, think of what a heavenly crowd will experience over an eternity with Christ!! And everyone will say... AMEN!

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