Monday, September 17, 2007

Dreams DO come true!

Two asleep at the same time?! Ah, the sound of silence! :o)


kayla said...

Can you give me any advice on how to get four down at the same time?

maryellenhuff said...

Isn't that the best feeling? Now that my two youngest are 2 and 4 making them lay down at the same time is easy but back when they were that age I always felt like I'd conquered a country if I had the two youngest sleeping at the same time...I've even been known to put my arms up in the air and WHISPER "I'm the King of the world!" when that happened. Small victories, small victories but they make us Moms feel great!!! "-)
PS...tell Kayla the only known thing that works for four is Benadryl....JUST KIDDING!! We'll probably have to wait until their teenagers to have all four napping at the same time. "-)