Monday, October 29, 2007

Girls Raised in the South

Contrary to popular belief, I am a girl raised in the South. It is only doubted by Southerners who think I sound a little too "Northern." Northeners know better ;o) In spite of my accent being dampened a bit by many years of Spanish and my itsy-bitsy forays into German and Chinese, I still find the classic phrases well-entrenched in my vocab. I do mash the potatoes, mash the button and mash the brake. At Wal-Mart I shop with a buggy, and at home we cut the lights. I use the evil multiple modals: "I might ought to have gone" & "You might should go with her." I drink lemonade in the summer and think kudzu is beautiful. And we have sweet tea year round in our fridge.

Nathan, not being a true Southerner (Floridians are not considered Southern by those of this area. Logically, nonsense- but true, nonetheless), is dismayed to hear our little girl drawling out those vowels. We go to the mayuhlbox to get our letters, etc. He suspects I revert to my dialect of origin when I hear his car pull away ;o) Anyways, all this to say, she is now a bonafide Southern girl. Last night, upon accidentally poking Mommy in the eye, she looked at me ever so sweetly and said, "BLESS YOUR HEART!" Music to the ears.... :O)

p.s. I just finished Jane Eyre, largely consumed in the only isolated spot in my house (the bathroom). Yes, Southerners can read, and we DO have indoor plumbing.

Sunday, October 21, 2007

Some pictures from a recent trip to the zoo- pardon the odd layout...

Ah-Ha!!! Some Progress...

After 5 months! of sitting on the little potty, Kathryn has finally managed to do something on it. I kid you not, this is the first time! Anyways, I'll spare you the details, except that we all jumped up and down together, shouted hallelujah, and fulfilled our promise of a milkshake, french fries, and a bag of lollipops. Who couldn't be motivated by that?!

Things are definitely looking up... and above the promised pictures from a recent day at the zoo...

Saturday, October 20, 2007


So. Alex is now heading up to the 3 month mark. New pics coming soon, I promise. Just thought I'd give the rest of you moms something to smile about.
You know, the guy who asked me if I was "waiting for my baby to arrive" when I was walking down the hospital hallway AFTER Alex was born, that I could understand
. I also understood why he fled in terror from the scene ;o)
But...I'm stumped this time. Today, a very nice gentleman (family to some good friends of ours) casually asked me how many weeks I was. It took me a moment to figure out what he was asking, as I was holding our little (obviously new) guy at the moment. Yes, my weight loss is "plateau-ed" (is that a word?) at the moment, but this was utterly disheartening. My one great joy? He was more horrified than I was at the answer- heehee!! Ah... the power of the postpartum woman.
Later, folks. I've an appointment with the treadmill.

Thursday, October 11, 2007

Mowgli, Ronald Reagan and Chicken Noodle Soup

OK, so we've been sick. That is, Kathryn and I have been sick. Thankfully, Alex and Nathan seemed to have avoided the evil sinus problems. So, what better to do when you're sick than to sit in bed and read? Actually, I get a good bit of reading done while feeding Alex everyday- but a lot of that is Scuffy the Tugboat #3,722.

This last week I branched out. I read the complete Jungle Book by Rudyard Kipling and Jim Kuhn's book on the private life of Ronald Reagan. I went to the library and just grabbed a couple of interesting reads. While my child smeared her germs all over the kids' section, I made sure to touch every classic on the shelf. Just kidding. And before you other moms become disgusted that I would so flippantly take our sick selves out to infect society, I'll have you know I haven't been to church in AGES due to protecting the weak from us.

Back to Mowgli... my knowledge is expanded from "Disney" to the "complete and unabridged" work. Shere Khan dies early on, and the battle with the dholes (what are THEY?!) was quite impressive. I skipped back and forth between Kipling and Kuhn. I know why Nancy sought advice from astrology (she was trying to avoid another assassination attempt scare like they had when Hinckley attempted to impress actress Jodie Foster- now that's truly romantic, wouldn't you say?). I know when Jimmy Carter threw Reagan's jelly beans across Air Force One (on the way back from Sadat's funeral). I know a teentsy bit about the Iran-Contra Affair. Most of all, I know that Reagan was just as impressive as I already thought!

In spite of my trivial-sounding summary, they were both worthy reads. I grabbed some Dickens and Bronte for this week. (My background in classical literature is scanty to say the least- thanks to government education) So, dear readers and lurkers, grab a new book and enjoy some chicken noodle soup with us.