Friday, December 07, 2007

Is this a hairbow?

Random Thoughts from Our Christmastime...

So... I'm so tired these days, I really can't think of much to say on my blog. Actually, I'm having a lot of bloggy-type thoughts, but not enough energy to develop them into actual posts. So. Here are a few of those random thoughts rolling around in my head these days- if a blog were a tree, these are the seeds.

1. Deism. Been reading some of Thomas Paine's (the author of Common Sense) Age of Reason. Shocking stuff, indeed. Speaking of the Bible, he says, "We scarcely meet with anything, a few phrases excepted, but what deserves either our abhorrence or our contempt..." To be honest, he sounds very modern. I've always kind of thought of deists rather generously. I mean, at least they believe in 'God' as Creator. Quoth the raven, "Nevermore." The truth is part truth is more dangerous than full error.

2. Which leads me to random thought #2. Nathan's teaching through Galatians in Sunday School. Galatians, for those who haven't checked it out in a while, is all about Paul's confronting those who believed circumcision was necessary for salvation. Basically, if Christ + ANYTHING ELSE is needed for salvation, then Christ's death wasn't sufficient. We are saved by grace through faith alone. How do we 'stay saved' (hail to all Wesleyan-Arminians!)- by grace through faith in Jesus Christ alone! It's been eye-opening. Come on, admit it. How easy is it to think that I'm saved by grace through faith alone, and I stay saved through my obedience. How many churches follow the saved by faith, preserved by 'rules' mentality? I know I myself have sunk many times in the checking off of spiritual disciplines on my list for the day as the way to keep in a right standing with God. That's just an example- I'm sure you can think of many others. Anyways, of course there is a balance, as in all things. The faith that saves, obeys. But this Christmas, I want to remember that nothing I do can or ever could save my soul. Christmas is ours to celebrate because God wrapped up His gift in human skin, and gave His grace to all. Such a gift!

3. And surfacing to my "real life": we're busy like all the rest of ya'll right now. Christmas parties to attend, presents to wrap, pounds to lose, miles to log on the treadmill, calories to count. OK, OK, you can see what's on my mind at the moment. The children are doing wonderfully- Kathryn is such a crazy nut. I tell her to leave the Christmas tree alone. She says, "I obey you, Mommy. Unfortunately, I obey you." Alex is too good to be true- seriously. He is all smiles all day, everyday. I almost feel guilty around other babies and moms. But then I remind myself: "I deserve this for surviving Kathryn ;o)" Have a good one, dear friends & lurkers.

Oh, yes. And if you're 1. still with me, 2. have seen Bro. Wolf direct the GBS choir, 3. want a laugh, link to Marianne's post to the right. Scroll down and watch the video of my nephew Allan imitating Bro. Wolf. Too funny.

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David and Sarah Fry said...

Thank you for the video tip! I loved it.

I also thoroughly enjoyed your random thoughts. Good stuff!

Right now I'm cold, but I don't envy your hot December weather.