Thursday, January 10, 2008

What's Going on in My Laundry Room

Besides the thump-thump-thump of drying tennis shoes (which traipsed into mud, worn by a disobedient little monster~ not my child, of course), there are a few more interesting things in there. One is this surprise I found in my laundry basket yesterday. Once again, adding charm to my charmless tasks.

Pic #2: When I asked her to 'open your mouth and smile real big'- this is what I got ;o)

And yes, I'm learning to sew. Risking accusation of shameless self-promotion and an inflated ego, check out my first pair of baby shoes. (These are yours, Sylvie. Although if Alex's feet are anything like my Alex's, you may have to save them for your next one...) They aren't perfect, but this is coming from the person who fails all spatial reasoning tests. Yes, I was the kid behind you folding up scraps of paper to answer the "If this were folded, what shape would it be?" questions. The mere idea of anything even remotely 3-d emerging from my sewing machine is truly amazing!!


Matt and Silvia Decker said...

Oh my goodness - the shoes are absolutely ADORABLE!! Thank you so much :) I'm sure Alex will enjoy wearing the shoes from Aunt Charity. Where did you learn how to make them?

Andrea said...

CUTE pic of Kathryn and LOVE the little booties! I'd like to know where the pattern came from, also!

Mary Ellen (Olsen) Huff said...

Ya did good on the shoes there MARTHA (as in Stewart, not the one that sat by Jesus feet and wouldn't work) and the picture of your daughter with her mouth open is hilarious!