Saturday, March 08, 2008

I'm Losing More Than One Hour of Sleep~ Oh, Well...

So, this is part II of the last blog.

Update #1:
Now it's 34 degrees and there was snow on the ground this morning. (Curses on Julia's curse on me for my springy weather ;o) AND...

Update #2
: We have cats~ yes, catS plural. I went to my mom's, where I managed to get two lovely cats for free from one of her coworkers. They really are quite pretty; I'll get some pictures of them soon. They are named Lem and Vida. These were Kathryn's picks, from her favorite movie of all time Follow Me Boys, with Fred MacMurray. It is really a sweet, sweet story. So Lem (short for Lemuel Siddons) and Vida are currently thriving in their unsafe, evil environment.

Update #3:
OK, this is downright shameful. I didn't blog any congratulations on two recent family events. One is that I have a new niece, Makenzie Faith, born to my brother Brandon and his wife Gloria. Pictures below. And my other younger brother, Ethan, surprised us all by eloping with his sweet fiancee, Jeri. That leaves Chelsea as the only 'unattached' one of us five kids (although I'm convinced she won't be long). She plans to attend a Bible College in the fall, and I'm surreptitiously placing a tag on her car that reads PLZD8ME ;o)

Our New Niece, Makenzie

Update #4:
The real reason I'm up so late is because I have a baby shower to attend tomorrow, and I've been sewing some fun gifts. Check them out below. The block and shoes I made. The little Jesus Loves Me sign I take no credit for, except that I have such awesome taste in gift selection. At least, I thought it was cute. Our dear, dear friends (whom Nathan discipled after their conversion) Shannon and Leslie Roberts are expecting a little girl, Lydia Shelby at the end of this month. Hopefully, her shower will be gift-laden! Signing off...


Andrea said...

Hey Charity, thanks for stopping by and yes feel free to add me to the list! :)
I enjoy your blog and feel alot of the time we are probably in the same parenting boat with our little munchkins! :)

Julie Schultz said...

Congratulations on your latest acquisition. I'm so glad you found two cats who were willing to "lower themselves" to living in your home.