Thursday, March 27, 2008

Home Sweet Home

Well, we're back from our Easter trip to Hobe Sound. My little sister, Chelsea, was interested in seeing HSBC's Welcome Week, and I wanted to go to the Frederick Family Get-Together on the Saturday before Easter. We were able to do both~ yahoo! Unfortunately, my camera's being really ornery, so the pictures I post will be a bit out of chronological order. Here are a few from Good Friday. My blogging friend, Mary Ellen, and Sheri Wolfe and I went to a neat little lagoon-thingie in Tequesta where the water is nice and shallow. Perfect for Kathryn's first taste of the ocean. After a bit of hesitation, being assured that the little crab wasn't going to get her and that seaweed was supposed to be floating in the water (she hates any speck of dirt in her bathwater) ~ off she went...
Obviously, I didn't take these, as I was trying to prevent the imminent self-drowning of my child, so thanks to Mary Ellen Huff for her photographic skills!

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Mary Ellen said...

Hopefully you can find someone else next year that needs to check out the school and make a return visit! "-)