Friday, March 28, 2008

The Three Non-Negotiables

This is a little peek into the running of our house. More specifically, my household duties. Nathan and I have agreed on three things that should be kept up, to the exclusion of whatever else: laundry, trash, and vacuuming. Laundry because, well... business meetings are uncomfortable if you're not wearing underwear (and no, that's never happened ;o) Trash because I married a man who could put a drug-sniffing dog to shame with his olfactory skills. And vacuuming, because fresh vacuum tracks on the carpet mean clean house to my man. And yep, I vacuum everyday, alternating up and downstairs. And before you rabid housewives jump on him, Nathan chips in when needed; I'm just the primary caregiver and housekeeper, and I'd like it to stay that way. And of course, they don't always get done. But they ARE at the top of my list everyday.

So! I'm interested. Do any of you have 'non-negotiables' that make your home feel clean, whether it is or not?

Also, I'm interested in learning any and all tricks for a wonderful-smelling house. Note aforementioned olfactory skills. One I learned while showing our last house, a shameful trick that works quite well. Sprinkle vanilla flavoring on a pan, place in warm oven until house smells good, remove. House was messy when Nathan came home last night, but I did manage to do that little trick. He walked in, said, "Ah! I love coming home to a good-smelling house! You've been baking?" Smiles ;o) Sweet success!!! I would warn your family that just b/c the house SMELLS like cookies does not necessarily mean cookies are available. So, fill me in. Got any more good ideas?


Andrea said...

My three are: clean kitchen, clean kitchen floor and made beds (I'm sure my parents never thought this would stick LOL) ...may have to try your vanilla trick sometime, although yesterday, there were real peanut butter cookies :)

Mary Ellen said...

For me, made beds are a must....except on Sunday morning if we aren't having company. Getting four young children ready for church and out the door on time and all of us in a good mood is more important than made beds!

Each night I try to make sure the house is all picked up and everything where it belongs before I go to bed at night - so much more pleasant to start the day with everything in its place. The kids have to put all the toys where they belong each night too - I NEVER pick up toys - inside or out, that is their job!

And I hate seeing stuff just laying around, toys that are being played with are one thing...but just dropping something (like shoes, book bags, etc.) on the floor that you are not using or are done using instead of putting it where it belongs is a no no. The kids are already realizing how much nicer it is to know where things are because they are where they belong then to spend a lot of time searching for stuff. And if we don't use it...we get rid of it!

I mainly use candles to make the house smell good - I keep reading that sprays just aren't good for us to breath. Nothing smells better though than food cooking or something baking. "-)

Taylors said...

I would say mine are:
Beds made
Toys picked up in the evening
Clean (or at least neat) Kitchen & Bathroom

Of course they don't ALWAYS happen every day...but I try to at least make an attempt.

LOVE the vanilla trick...I will be doing that at some point. I have boiled cinnamon sticks before...that smells amazing!

You amused me with the "vacumming every day." I used to do that more, and still want to do it (at least every other day), but for some reason I've kind of gotten away from that. I think it will resume as soon as Katie starts to crawl!

Taylors said...

I guess I should have said...
"put cinnamon sticks on to 'simmer'" rather than "boiled!" You don't really "boil" them!! :D

Toots said...

We have a weird thing where soot gets into our ductwork ending up on the carpet beneath vents when we burn (even soy-based) candles; so candle-warmers work well for us. They melt the candles and release wonderful fragrances.
Candles last a long time that way too! I bought one Bath and Body works Christmas candle on a sale rack three years ago, and it still was giving a wonderful aroma this year at Christmastime.
I agree with the others who like "a place for everything, and everything in its place."
Clean bathrooms are number one at our house. I've always wondered how a person can possibly get clean in a dirty tub...?
A clean kitchen is a close second, and floors are always on my list ahead of dusting furniture and other various cleaning jobs. I can't stand to walk on grit! We never wear our shoes in the house. That is a tremendous help! I also have to agree that beds must be made. I can't get into a bed at night if it isn't made, looking fresh and clean.
BTW, I really enjoyed your cat post. Very funny.

Tara said...

I just wanted to pop in and say a big HAPPY THIRD BIRTHDAY to Kathryn!!!!

Hope you have a fun day celebrating. Talk to you soon!