Monday, April 14, 2008

A Need for Personal Integrity & Self-Evaluation

I miss the carefree days of childhood, when (for the most part) the sins of others didn't mess with my world. But we adults know, don't we, how easy it is for someone else's actions to 'throw rocks into our quiet ponds' (as Nathan likes to say)? This has been one of those weeks for many of my readers. How do we respond personally, internally? I think it provides a perfect opportunity for self-evaluation. A careful, probing look into our own lives. An accountability to the Word. A weeding out of the little sins that can grow into a nasty harvest, infecting the fields of the Church. A request for God's perspective on the hideous nature of even our 'little sins.' A fear of judgment, of a holy God. Let's each one stand before the Savior, begging grace for our own weaknesses and mercy for those in others.

"I Would" by the Southern Gospel group Booth Brothers has been running through my mind for days. Call your local Christian station and request it. Or click here and scroll down to read the lyrics. It'll bring food for thought.

p.s. Definitely click here to read my brother-in-law's (Dr. Phil Brown) superb article on "What Should I Think When I Hear of Sin in the Church?"

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Justin and Jennifer Harris said...

So true! I have never heard the song, but the lyrics are great.