Sunday, April 06, 2008

Pictures from Kathryn's Little Celebration

Boy! Doesn't she look ragged?! This is after lots of hard play~ not sure why I didn't notice the scraggly hair while I was taking the picture... Surely this is not her 'regular' look ;o)

OK, notice the teeth marks? Yep, Kathryn found the cake and thought the candle was edible~ whoops!

Kathryn wanted a 'Dora' cake. Rather funny considering she's only ever seen one episode in someone's car. I guess it's just the linguistic/Spanish genetics at work creating the natural desire to learn foreign language. (I wish it was genetic, anyhow...)


Liz said...

That looks like fun! Get ready - she'll probably talk about it for months! :>)

Liz said...

Yes, I got that recipe! I'm looking forward to trying it!

Are you still nursing Alex? They say that can keep a few stubborn pounds around . . . good luck anyway.

Aaron & Lanee said...

Happy Birthday Kathryn! She does look like Nathan doesn't she?

Aren't these blogs a wonderful thing? I love being able to stay in touch with long lost friends!

Anonymous said...

Happy belated birthday to Kathryn! I've been out of touch for a while and REALLY enjoyed catching up. Your gingered pear sorbet post made me laugh out loud. I think you're pretty cool! Blessings!

Taylors said...

What is it with little girls and Dora? There is an instant connection.
I think Megan had only seen one episode when she became facinated with her too!
Now, I have bought the DVD's and she loves them! And hey, I don't mind her learning something new! :D

Happy Birthday Kathryn!

Juwah said...

So how did the candle taste? Muy Bien? Happy Birthday. I have a little guy who just turned 3 and he would love to bring his "Diego Rescue Pack" and play with you and Dora. :)