Friday, May 16, 2008

None in Hell Unloved

Like the rest of you, I've been shocked and saddened by the immense human loss in Myanmar and China lately. In just one fell swoop, a natural disaster can take out many times what 9/11, the war, or acts of terrorism can. They always seem to be poor, barely surviving as it is, working themselves to the bone for a scrap of food. This time I was struck by the spiritual side of the issue. These areas are largely non-Christian. Can you see it in your mind? Hell being flooded with thousands of new residents in mere minutes, going from a sad life to an even sadder eternity. Heaven also received some new occupants, but I suspect not as many... We believe the Bible. Therefore, we believe that each individual lost in the last few weeks was specifically given enough general revelation (and more than enough) to be saved. Romans 1:20 speaks to us on the question of "those who have never heard." We can have confidence that the fair Judge who knows all was indeed fair. As Jack Graham said this morning on Moody, "You may not go to heaven, but you'll never go to hell unloved."


Philip Brown said...
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Anonymous said...

Thought provoking words, my friend.

kayla said...

Wow, thanks for sharing that perspective. So thankful for the ones that were faithful to get the message to those parts of the world. It is so sobering to think of all the lost souls, yet such a reminder that we do have such a fair and faithful judge.