Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Back-To-School Pause in BlogWorld

This Friday, I'm heading off with my chilluns and my mom to take my little sister to God's Bible School and College. I'm busy doing all the pre-trip stuff. So! I'm officially calling a timeout to my blogging 'obligations.' At the end of the month, I'll update everyone on Alex's 1st birthday party, etc. Yep, my little man's officially a 1 year old and the proud owner of seven little pearly whites. Those of you who remember being away from home for the first time, say a little prayer for my home-loving sister. This is a big deal, and hopefully will be a huge positive thing in her life.


Steve said...

Give Chelsea a hug for us and wish her all the best. We know she'll do great!


Uncle Stephen & Lesley

Heidi said...

Chelsea, you'll be great! As I prepare for Ohio, I keep reminding myself of how faithful God has been through every past transition.

kayla said...

We will keep your sister in our prayers.
Great tribute to Nathan below. I'm glad to know that he is kind to dogs since I remember what he does to birds. "I saw a birdie in the snow". I'm feeling a little guilty since I poked just a little fun of my hubby in my last blog. I'll have to follow your example.

Charity said...

Heehee ;o) Nathan says, "How DARE you ascribe to me one of Julia's nasty little rhymes?! Will the REAL guilty party please stand up?"

Batchelor said...

Hard to believe your sis is already going to GBS.... Was good to see you at camp. Enjoyed reading your blog.

Holly Walker said...

I'm going through withdrawal! Missed you while you were gone. Hope to see a new blog soon!