Friday, January 23, 2009


...someone I don't know ;o) However, I found this person's blog some time ago, and find myself going back and back for more. Her decor is such an inspiration to me, not to mention the lovely music playing in the background. Maybe some of you will enjoy her, too...

Thursday, January 22, 2009

25 Things....

I've been tagged a few times, so here's 25 things ~ randomish about me...

1. I grew up as one of five kids.
2. My parents are both dark-haired, dark-eyed. Go figure. 3 of us kids are blond.
3. I've had a crush on Nathan since I was 12.
4. When I was a kid, I was scared of bathtub drains (some kid in FL told me he flushed an alligator egg, and I thought its offspring might pop through the hole)
5. My mother has 37 first cousins, my grandmother had 57, I have only 10. We must be dwindling.
6. I love apple and peanut butter sandwiches.
7. I also love buttercream frosting on saltines.
8. I taught myself to read at 3 while listening to a Richard Scarry children's dictionary tape set; I don't remember not being able to read.
9. Because I could read, I was required to go to 1st grade reading in kindergarten, 2nd grade reading in 1st grade. When we moved, I had to repeat 5th grade reading because the new school wouldn't allow me to do that anymore.
10. I am terrified of snakes.
11. I spent most of my summer days as a kid with purple fingers, from shelling purple hull peas.
12. My favorite childhood books were Little House on the Prairie.
13. I remember my first exposure to foreign language: some Asians at Rock City on the swinging bridge; I was captivated!
14. I have a B.A. in Spanish with a minor in linguistics.
15. Our wedding date was the same as my grandparents, Joyce and Ponder Frederick.
16. My mom's dad died the week of my wedding.
17. Nathan and I are on our fifth golden Syrian hamster, Squeak V.
18. Living with Nathan IS like living with a great Bible commentary set, and a lot more exciting ;o)
19. Kathryn is as strong-willed as I am, which I hear is pretty scary ;o)
20. I love all crooners from the 40's.
21. I love to bake all kinds of goodies; just made some homemade Almond Joy bars this week.
22. If I were rich, I would always have fresh flowers in my house.
23. When I die, I want to be buried (just checking if you're still here ;o)
24. (running out of thoughts....) My normal wake-up time is 5:30 a.m. ugh....
25. Nathan is the only man I ever kissed.

Tuesday, January 20, 2009

What's wrong with this picture?

Remember those puzzles we stared at as kids? The ones where you compared two pictures to find all the incongruities between them? Even when they weren't easy to spot, you could just FEEL something wasn't quite right.

I had that feeling all day today. I watched all the inauguration festivities online with Kathryn. I saw Aretha Franklin belt away in her big bow hat, Bush blinking back what looked like tears as he entered his plane, Rick Warren pray in the name of Jesus, President Obama and First Lady Michelle waving cheerily at the thousands upon thousands of people. So I thought I'd share some thoughts with whomever reads my ramblings...

1. I really want to like this guy. I mean, it's such a pain disliking someone so affable with such a classy, elegant wife at his side. He has great oratory and a nice smile. And a horrid voting record and self-proclaimed ideals that devalue others. So as nice as he looks, actions speak louder than words. I think those of us who embrace Christian values may have a real legal fight on our hands.

2. So I turned to Christian radio instead of secular media for a more 'biblical' view of the events. What do I hear over and over? How we are to pray for those in authority regardless of how we feel about their policies (I agree, of course!) and how this is such a momentous occasion for African-American citizens, specifically Christians. This is another place where I get the feeling that the cat's tail is off to the wrong side or the tree is missing a branch. If I was a black Bible-believing Christian, I would be very bothered right now. As exciting as it may be to have a fellow African-American in office, it is more disturbing that the evangelical black church is obviously not basing its societal views on the Word of God. I say this because so many of them voted for a man who stands opposed to Christian values. Any child of God should first be loyal to the Word, not to his cultural group or even his family.

3. Have I come to any conclusions after my ramblings? Obama's election is obviously historic. I will respect him as President for he occupies a position that is to be respected. I believe God has raised him up for this time in our history. (To clarify, He has allowed both good and evil men to come to power throughout history. Some to expedite His judgment to bring those He loves to repentance and some to continue leading a godly people in a godly direction) Back to Mr. President. I will pray for him faithfully. That being said, I think today has re-emphasized some of the concerns I have for the African-American side of the Body. If we as a Body don't respect the Word of the Head, Jesus Christ, how can we ever be effective to minister to a lost world? And if we are to judge (discern true and false) fellow Christians by their fruits, there may be some rotten fruit on the vine...

Monday, January 19, 2009

Goodbye, Mr. Bush

The morning after President Bush was elected, I walked into class at the university. The professor was morose, proclaiming that this morning she had "awoken to a Republican nightmare." Much has happened since that day. I think 9/11 qualifies as nightmare-status. There have been tough things to face. Time will tell. It will vindicate correct decisions, and expose unwise moves. I must say I'm sorrowful to see this last day waning. Not just because we're saying goodbye to a man of integrity, but also because the godly values he has promoted are being threatened by a storm greater than we've ever seen.

Shall we pray?

Friday, January 09, 2009


This old picture of Kathryn is a great visual aid to describe how I feel about right now. I just think a picture of her with hair askew and eyes wide is more attractive than myself in the same pose (maybe I'll try it sometime and see what you think).

I must join my friend Mary Ellen in saying our New Year has so far been full of puke and general yuckiness. Nathan and I contracted an oh-so-evil stomach virus last weekend. Sunday night found us lying upon our bed, alternately begging God for mercy and moaning in pain. We also learned a crucial truth to be filed away for future reference as parents: after each parent visits the bathroom for nastiness "of both kinds" 15-20 times, there is no energy left to care for children. There wasn't exactly a queue of people lined up to volunteer for obvious reasons. Thus we learned truth number two: the only angels available and willing to visit your bedside and spirit your children away in the middle of the night WILL be the cleanest people you know. You WILL lay upon your bed wishing you knew exactly where your baby's clean socks are and that you had done supper dishes BEFORE retiring. You will picture them stumbling over toys, blocks, etc. as they scrounge up diapers and changes of clothing. Ahh~ the humiliation. Maybe I'll stop taking such advantage of Sunday being such a 'day of rest'~ my rest seems to mean the house's complete destruction.

That is the nicest, cleanest way of describing the horrors that befell our master suite. Let's not mention that I've now replaced the a/c vent next to the toilet and dumped baking soda down the ductwork (how did THAT happen? Note: if I don't know, it wasn't me ~ hee,hee!) I've also chloroxed everything that wasn't lysoled, and plan to scrub the vinyl with an (old) toothbrush. Laundry has been shouted and removed of stains and odors and I now think we're almost ready for a new year...

Oh, well, so much for my plans to come back from my hiatus with a perky, happy, happy, joy, joy blog for you dear readers. Drink lots of fluids and type away, fellow bloggers.