Sunday, April 11, 2010

Kathryn is FIVE!

Yesterday we belatedly celebrated our firstborn's 5th birthday (April 2nd). She had requested a Narnia birthday with a Cair Paravel cake. I found a few cute touches (a beaver, a teapot). The lovely unicorn's hoof was covering a PG-13 Lewis cover- the unicorn had blood dripping off its horn. Gross. Anyways, she was quite blown away by all the fun. Because the kids were so little, our main together activity was sidewalk chalk art. But it was a blast. Enjoy the pics. BTW, if you frequent my lovely sister-in-law's cake decorating site, realize if we lived closer, she would have made the cake, for sure!!! Oh, well. None of the kids complained about the unprofessional look, and it still tasted good.

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