Wednesday, May 05, 2010

Peach Milkshakes and Bobcats

Today it was 90 degrees. Tonight I went to Chick-Fil-A. I ordered a small peach milkshake. I drank a memory.

The building in the above picture is the old Nixon Chapel Community Center, the site of all community watch meetings when I was a kid. The floors were old creaky wood, there was a stuffed bobcat in a glass case, and there were always churns of homemade icecream. Once a month we would gather, and in the summer there was peach icecream. In fact, Chick Fil A's milkshake tastes just like a cup full of out-in-the-sticks, real chunks of peaches, creaky wood floor icecream. Sometimes the county sheriff would come and bring his K-9 companion for drug-sniffing demonstrations. Sometimes they discussed who was mowing the cemetery or which roads had the worst potholes needing filled. Many times, local politicians dropped by to stump. In every case, there was icecream.

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