Sunday, May 30, 2010

Turning Heads

It must be the promises of the summer ads that has this phrase revolving in my mind of late. I've decided to do a little series on it: First, in the most literal sense, what does it mean to turn heads? Second, what does it mean to be the "neck that turns the head"? and Third, how do these topics combine to turn the head of culture?

Turning His Head

What does it mean to turn the head of your man? Let's define 'turning the head' as remaining interesting and attractive enough to garner the interest of the man who vowed his future to you. This is definitely something at which we ladies want to succeed.

Deep down, this means enriching our own minds to be stimulating companions. It is said that you will be the same person in five years as you are today except for the people you meet and the books you read. If you have small kids like me, this means the books on the toilet tank, because you KNOW that's the best quiet spot in the house (disregarding the waggling fingers under the door and yells of "Mommy, what are you doing in there?") And even if you only read 3 pages a day, that's 1000 pages a year of great literature. It should go without saying that our spiritual growth is crucial! I think the Bible counts as the greatest literature!
Externally, it means being as physically attractive to our man as we can be. A healthy weight is only a small piece of this equation. Most every man has a favorite hairstyle, a favorite dress, a favorite shoe style. Sigh. If you're like me, you may find that his favorites and yours are not even in the same catalog ;o) Just a tidbit of trivia: I have heard that men are always most attracted to the styles that were in when they first began maturing sexually. This means our husbands are SO stuck in their teens ;o) Nathan loves, loves, loves the styles of the early nineties (can we hear a big hurrah for Bible college huge poofs?) Sigh again. So we compromise.

And in a general way, we turn their heads when we put a genuine interest into what they like. It seems that this especially is true of their recreational interests. Before we had kids, I joined Nathan (reluctantly- I'm ashamed to say) in playing online WWII games with a Christian guild. I turned off all the blood, set up a machine gun, and strafed away (running around corners, etc. made me nauseous so I was a dead duck if anyone snuck up behind me ;o) Nathan STILL talks about how much he loved that time with me beating up on the Nazis. Things have definitely changed with kids, but maybe I listen to classical music in the day (to discuss a piece with my classical-loving man), fix the food he loves after a hard day, burn the candle he loves instead of the one I want, etc.

*Important: What happens if in turning my man's head, I accidentally turn SOMEONE ELSE's head? OK, ladies. Honesty here. We ALL know what a woman looks like when she's on the hunt. The way she carries herself, the openness on her face, the 'feel' of her. And we've all been single at some point, requiring a certain level of approachability to draw the opposite sex. Fine. But, I believe there is a "feel" to a committed, married woman. There is a grace, a cordial nature that still can shut down an interested party.******And just in case you're wondering, this happens very rarely for me, and normally they're old, toothless, wizened gentlemen who reached maturity in the 40's and 50's. And of course, my poof reminds them of their bobby-socked sweetheart and Ingrid Bergman ;o)

Go turn his head, lady.


Valorie said...

Good stuff, Charity! I love your honest approach. This is important for every married woman. Glad you shared.

Valorie said...

Okay, have to make a second comment. I read the same statistic about men and the styles to which they are most attracted. Isn't that an amazing bit of trivia?