Thursday, August 12, 2010

Kids' Bedrooms

Now we move to the rooms where I need the MOST tips- someone help me, please! I truly hate cleaning kids' bedrooms. Our system works like this: I tell Kathryn to put everything off her floor onto her bed (clean enough to run a vacuum), and then I will help her sort. Once we start 'sorting,' her attention span wanders around like a confused fly at a picnic, trying to avoid the swatters and flitting from one dish to the next. Then I feel my blood pressure rising. "You know you're not allowed to eat in your room! Why is there a decomposing grape under your bed?" OR "HOW did those get THERE?" Sigh... Obviously running a daycare would send me into a psychiatric ward in a hurry. I'm too much of a perfectionist.
So Nathan has stepped in. Every night but one is his night. That means he makes his grand entrance with an "instrument of love" draped casually around his neck- which by the way, he isn't wielding- he just thinks it makes them move more quickly ;o) He sounds like a happy football coach. "You can do it! Come on! Quick, quick- move those feet!" They seem to love this. One huge box is brought out and EVERYTHING goes in there. Thus, the room appears to be clean. I'm not complaining about his assistance, as it is greatly appreciated. BUT I KNOW WHAT'S IN THE BOX!!! Ugh. So once a week, the evil step-mother drops in for a sorting session. Why does this stress me out so badly?
So! I'll impress you later (if you're easily impressed) with tales of my organized bath and pantry. But this is part of my house where I need loads of advice. Any to give, mommies?


Liz said...

Well, we have a play room... and I may be a little more relaxed in my approach (not to my credit, I might add - its survival). Darrell does do "beat the timer with the kids a couple times a week and that blesses me.

With as much as we've been inside in this heat, our house really looks like it. My goal is to have a toy clean up time all thru the house (b/c even with the play room they want to play where I am and I like to be where they are, of course) every afternoon before Daddy gets home... that's the goal... not cool tricks though. (I am cracking down on complaining about working from my eldest, however.)

Kim M. said...

I think putting it all in a basket or box is a great idea. My kids are starting back on a chore routine.
I think the longer they do it, the easier it gets.
Also, The best tip I have ever heard that works for me is this:
They feel less overwhelmed if mom or dad is more specific.. Instead of just saying, "Clean your room". This one picks up all the stuffed animals and that one picks up all of the books ... or whatever. Hope that made sense.