Friday, August 13, 2010

"A-Splishin and A-Splashin"


Baths are a must on my need-to-keep-clean list. I like to know that company can drop in, and I don't have to rush around getting the 'powder room' acceptably sanitary.

*I suscribe to FlyLady's advice for the morning Swish and Swipe. This simply means each bath has a little basket with Lysol Cleaning Wipes and Toilet Cleaner. I give the toilet bowl a swish each morning and wipe down the outer surfaces and the sink/counter with a Lysol wipe.
*I check the trash can and take it with me to the kitchen if it needs to be emptied.
*On Fridays, when I wash sheets, I also do a load with the bath rugs.
*On Tuesdays, when I run through the house doing glass cleaner on the glass surfaces, I hit the bath mirrors, too.
*I've found a handy way to mop the bath is to put my mop water in the bath's empty trash can. Small, portable and the can gets clean, too. That happens once a week when I mop the other floors.
*Taking the 15 sec. to wipe down the showers helps me avoid my most-hated job (scrubbing showers!); I leave the shower door open and the fan on for a while. I have found that icky stuff doesn't grow where there's air movement.
*And my most useful mantra: LEAVE THE ROOM CLEANER THAN YOU FOUND IT! That means I straighten a towel, or DO SOMETHING each time I go in.

Saving $ in the bath:

We don't use all Suave and White Rain. Nathan gets mouth sores unless he uses Biotene. I love good quality shampoo for my much hair. And for some strange reason which I have yet to figure out, Nathan likes Pantene for his little hair. And who doesn't love a seasonally scented Bath and Body Works handsoap or feminine bubble bath? So I COUPON! I follow CVS and Publix on This means that I get things like toothbrushes, paste, pads, tampons, all sorts of cleaners, shampoo, conditioner, toilet paper, etc. for cents on the dollar. I still end up paying almost top dollar for Biotene. But everything else is seriously reduced. There's nothing like getting a Venus Embrace razor with blades for 99 cents! If you've never heard of SouthernSavers, check it out! Pick just one or two stores and go to it!!! Kroger is great with her list if you have one.

Mind over Potty

Like most mommies, the bathroom is the one place we feel we can LOCK the door! Now, there are sometimes waggling fingers, toy soldiers pushed under for our inspection, etc. but for the most part, it's peace. We become friends with the potty. And heaven knows, after all the postpartum fun of hemorrhoids and sitz baths, we have history there. LOL I keep things I want to read, scripture I want to memorize in there, too.
And at night- glory! Once those kids have had their last "sippy milk" (Alex) or "sippy water" (Kathryn)- served in 2 oz. glasses to keep the bed from floating away in the night- candles and bubbles and a book can soothe the soul. I drag my laptop in there, put on Pandora and Michael Buble and just crash. Not every night, but as often as I can get it. My friend Mary Ellen adds popcorn to this routine. Feel free to add comestibles, but no offense (Mary Ellen)- the smell of popcorn reminds me of a ballpark, so a small piece of dark chocolate is more up my alley.

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